Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh March!

It is the first day of MARCH today! Oh man. I am so excited, that means the BIG DAY is getting so close but it still feels a bit surreal. We have been chipping fiercely away at our wedding to-do list and are left with a lot of little things so I am feeling pretty great.

Besides there being only 27 days until our wedding, today is my beautiful mother's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! I hope you have a beautiful day! I LOVE YOU!

Over the weekend we took a big break from planning and partied down with our friends at our wedding shower. It was so so so much fun. Our amazing family friend Andi threw us the party and every last detail was just perfection.

Andi made the most adorable banner for the entrance that said Tasha and Jon, inside there were love quotes scattered throughout the house and she also made the cutest little favor bags with bride and groom stickers on them. Did I mention the food and wine were AMAZING. We both felt so special and it felt so nice to be showered! Thank you so much Andi!

More pictures of all of the gift opening to come shortly!

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Mr. Ford said...

Such an amazing time! Wow, the food was great, Bill, Andi's Husband said he had spent days working on the pasta sauce and the meatballs were the size of my fist... OM-NOM-NOM.