Friday, December 18, 2009

Last 100 Days

There are only 100 days left until THE BIG DAY! Wowsers. Start your prayers now for peaceful, love-filled, stress-free marriage wishes.

We are off to NYC for Christmas so we will be seeing you in the New Year 2010!


May your yuletide be gay and your heart be light. PEACE OUT!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

LA Holidaze

Last weekend my mummy and brother took Jonathon and I out for a night on the town. It was really my kind of day and night. We went shopping, ate a lot and sang carols! J bought his beautiful Allen Edmond split toe shoes for the wedding and a really lovely crisp white button-down for under his suit and Natey got his suit for the wedding (as previously seen here on Becoming Mrs. Ford). I really love shopping for other people with them and letting the opinions fly... I was in shopping heaven.

After all that retail therapy we went out for a yumtastic Italian meal worth writing home about. If you are from LA or just visiting, you really really need to do yourself a solid and go to C&O Trattoria or Cucina (there's two and both are off the hizzy). The killer garlic rolls are meal one, the appetizers are meal two, the Chianti is meal three, and the entrees are next days lunch. SERIOUSLY YUM.

We were a little bit stoked.

I'm not sure if you knew this or not but... We're engaged.

As a daughter, I see it as my duty to really crack my mom up every chance I get. Not because I like to give her something to smile about, but because when she really gets laughing it is the funniest thing anyone has ever seen. She absolutely can not stop. It looks painful, and the harder she laughs the harder she has to laugh... Feast your eyes:

At the KCRW Christmas Sing-A-Long where we got to rock out with several quit good and quit famous celebrities including Christopher Guest, Jane Lynch, and Weird Al! Heck yea!

Oh man we had a great time. This is what happens when you drink Chianti, sing and dance to Christmas carols for hours, and then ask your brother to take a photo of you and your fiance...

Perfect day and perfect night! Merry Christmas!

Trimming Our Tree

First things first... I brought my dress and veil home today!!! I feel like a proud mama, bringing home baby. The dress is everything and more than I remember. It is the most beautiful dress God ever set down on this great green Earth. I am wearing it right now while blogging... ok, not really. But in my mind I am. It is hanging safely in the closet wrapped in a giant pink bag so nothing will show-through. I think Jonathon has figured out it is no simple sheath as he had to carry it and it is NOT light.


Second things second... We have been very busy little wedding bees of late what with Christmas and 2010 approaching at the speed of a bullet.

Just for you, a visual romp through our recent tree journeys and festivities.

Up next, our family outing to the KCRW Christmas Sing-Along Concert. It was FUN.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Natey's Suit

Whose got a brand new groomsmen's suit for his little sister's wedding and two thumbs up?

Ehhh, This Guy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fashionista in Training

My little sissy is darn cute. No, seriously, you have never seen cuter. And what's more, she loves shopping! For dresses! Pink dresses! Now you know we we're related...

I'm certain she will be the most adorable flower girl of all time. She has yet to find the dress for the big day, but shopping, as we all know, is in itself an artform. See for yourself:

The only other time I have seen such sheer joy on little lady's face was upon meeting and hugging both Belle and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland (and you know kids are bonkers for Disney) at which time she visibly shook with happiness. It looked a whole lot like this photo below. Have you ever seen anyone more excited to be wearing tulle? Doubt it.

Then again, you haven't seen the pics of me in my wedding gown yet...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jonathon Bought a Suit

It's so exciting! He won't be waiting for me at the end of the aisle in boardshorts... Hoorah.

This is not the suit, his is a lighter charcoal grey, but by the same designer. He is going to look HOT! Oh yea. The suit is supposed to be in to Nordstrom by February... gulp. Here's hoping it is perfect because that is cutting it awfully close. Send good vibes. No boardshorts... no boardshorts... no boardshorts...

PS: My dress and veil are waiting to be tried on and hopefully taken home this Friday. If nothing else, we will both be clothed on our big day! YESSSSSSS.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Old Photos!

This super-genius plan of mine to make an old school photo scrapbook for our wedding guests to sign from photos that they send to me is turning out beautifully. Three people down, 82 to go!

These beauties came from my Aunt Debby. That's her in the exceptionally fashion-forward ruffly swimsuit. I think that look is actually quite trendy right now! Way to be hot Auntie! And her son Alex, my cousin, is sittin pretty between my bro and I in the second pic.

Loving the Oshkosh and the blue and pink onesies. We. Are. Bad. Ass. I think it's clear Tilda Swinton fashioned her entire esoteric look, from the hair to the monochrome rompers, direct from this very photo of me. You're welcome Tilda.
Thank you Aunt Debby!
PS: 110 days till the wedding!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Homeward Bound

It's raining here in LA and all I want to do is curl up and cozy down.

What's makes a wedding cozily romantic? When it feels personal and intimate. Need some inspirational ways to add that homey touch?

How about a gorgeous lace, lily and rose two-tier cake that's almost too pretty to eat? A front-porch display of wine and candy apple parting gifts for you guests? Just add an explosion of rust-colored hydrangea and the guest will be drooling all the way home. Maybe fabric bunting flags to mark your table numbers? I know! Pie, lots and lots of pie.

Loving these very autumnal romantic bits from the blogosphere...