Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ojai Succulent Farm Field Trip: Desert Images

Are you sick of succulents yet? Me neither :) This weekend my mission is to successfully make the world's most perfect succulent wreaths. God help me.

I know I should probably not give this secret treasure away, but we found the BEST succulent and cactus nursery in Ojai called Desert Images. If you are searching for variety and really decent prices, this place is definitely the spot. We got all of our plants there this week. I think it is pretty funny we are going to bring cacti to the desert...

Some of the variety at Desert Images. I love the little furry ones with the pink flowers, they look like a bobble-head with a cute bow:

It was a bit tricky getting the flats back to my mom's place without a truck, but we managed. Don't they look like crazy prehistoric plants or some Tim Burton creation? I know they aren't very weddingy or romantic but I think they are pretty awesome and they are more eco-friendly than cut flowers. I am VERY stoked/nervous to see the end result.

We were a little proud of our findings.

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Shells said...

They look gorgeous just in the flats, so no matter what you do, you can't go wrong.