Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sexy Bridal Shower Highlights

Happy St. Patrick's Day yesterday! Hope yours was safe and fun. I am marrying an Irishman in a week and a few days so you know we celebrate every year in one way or another. I am noticing that each year we have celebrated together has gotten progressively tamer, I guess we really are getting older. The constant through the years is that I make Jonathon corned beef and cabbage every Patty's day. I don't eat red meat, so every year I drool over the delicious smell of beef and beer simmering, but this year I thought, ENOUGH, I want some! So I made my own non-beef version with Jonathon's leftover carrots, cabbage, onions, potatoes and of course beer! It was soooo good. Ahem... on to the wedding stuff!

With a week to go until my bachelorette party (yes!) I thought this would be a good chance to post some of the highlights from my sexy bridal shower earlier this month. I haven't posted it yet because I mostly received lingerie and I want to keep that a bit private, but I am putting up the safer stuff. :)

My mom's best friend Rose threw this shower for me, she has been like my aunt my whole life and she did such a beautiful job of hosting. Thank you Rose!

Pretty, no? She also makes a mean guacamole. It was fun spending time with Rose, my mama and future mama and Rose's daughters Lisa and Julia who are like cousins to me.

Rose got me this amazing chocolate, strawberry and whipped cream cake that I ate like 5 slices of and which was from a very fancy French bakery in Montecito. It was so freaking good I can't even tell you how good. It did, however, say "Congratulation" on it, which cracked me up anew every time I looked at it. How perfect is that?

No seriously, I think that is the best cake I have ever eaten...

I just had so much fun at this shower hanging with the girls and joking around. We also played a couple of bridal party games like Bridal Bingo for which Rose had some cute bride and groom wine stoppers as prizes. My friend Tiff won twice and hilariously ended up with a pair of groom wine stoppers. We DO live in California, so....

I was a bit nervous about the gift portion of the shower since I have some very crazy friends and also a very crazy mom. My bridesmaid Julia at one point before the shower said "I seriously can not believe what my mom got you" so I was completely expecting to be mortified but things were a lot tamer than I imagined. Good thing too, because as you can see, I blush rather easily. How amazing is this homemade gift bag from my friend Julie? It says "Congratulations" on one side and "Jon is a lucky man" with another naked dude on the other side. :)

Of course, some of the "sexiest" gifts besides the lingerie were from my mom. I'm sure there's something so wrong with that, but I wouldn't expect any less. I know the picture's super dark but you can see my reaction below. We were pretty much laughing for a few hours straight. I had so much fun.

I love my crazy mom.

Plus I now have a perfect "bowquet" for the rehearsal that I am a little excited about.

After all of the guests left Jonathon came home and tried to guess what all I got, but I did my best to keep it all under wraps. It was such a fun day all in all, I felt so special. I love my friends!


Mr. Ford said...

Those wine stoppers are AWESOME! Where did you get them???

Shells said...

next year try a bacon joint with greens or cabbage. according to an old boyfriend of mine who came from Limerick, they don't really eat corned beef in Ireland. imagine that!

Rachel said...

Omg. AUNTIE is out of control. I WISH I could have been there sooooo badly. Give me that cake and congratulation.