Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedding Reception Signage

Planning a creative wedding really is about forethought. The shorter our time before "I do" is, the more filled up my brain (and my to do) feels. This week I have been working on the signage for our wedding reception and I am trying desperately to make sure I don't forget a thing... but I am sure I am going to. There are a lot of signs to make! Me and Alice at Kinko's have really become pals. An "our wedding this way" sign, a "just married" sign, labels for bar drinks, bride and groom signs for our chairs, etc. I know none of those is "necessary" but I really don't want to forget something that IS vital.

When I saw this sweet engagement session by the amazing Elizabeth Messina, I thought of one more, a "thank you" sign to take some pictures with to make thank you cards out of later. Phew, I don't know if I will ever be done with Kinko's.

Any other signs every reception should have that I am just completely missing?


Tiffany JQ said...

Unless they're totally obvious, I'd say a sign for the restrooms would be helpful!

Kellie Bell said...

Future Mrs. Ford, I love this idea! I, too, am getting married soon. I also work on a blog and would like to contact you to talk about sharing your idea, but can't seem to send you a DM on Twitter or contact you through your blog. Is there a way we can connect? I can be reached at kellie.bell@fedex.com. Thanks!

MrsFord said...
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