Wednesday, March 10, 2010

License to Wed

It's all getting REAL real out here in LA LA Land! This week we were sworn to write the truth at the LA County Clerk's Office where we filled out paperwork to allow us to legally get married and change our names! It is so exciting!!

We snuck a photo at the counter while we waited for our paperwork to print. This was definitely NOT the courthouse I would have chosen if we had eloped, although there was a ceremony in progress while we were there!

The very very soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Ford!

Mr. Ford has the paperwork in his hot little hands. Let's make sure to not lose that. We still need to notarize something, sign something else, have witnesses sign it, mail it back, and then WAIT. That's LA County for you. :)

We thought it was worth celebrating. Let's PARTY!!