Friday, July 22, 2011

So Long Sweet Girl

After 16+ wonderful years of together time, my family had to say goodbye to our sweet girl Emma. She had a very long, happy life and I feel so blessed to have spent it with her. I also feel so blessed to have gotten to kiss her right between the eyes, see her happy smile and say goodbye in person just a few weeks ago. She will always be my sweet, smart, mischievous girl.

I hope you're frolicking in endless fields in heaven now Emmerson. I will see you again one day and kiss you right between the eyes. You are my sweetie and I love you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip Home: Part B

Did someone say SANTA MONICA? I think it was me. Oh, beautiful beaches and sweet soft cool dry air how I missed you.

J and I enjoyed checking out the new Santa Monica Place which was WAY fancier than I was expecting. Jonathon grew up near by so it was fun scoping out his old 'hood and all of the fanciness that it has since become. Had we been hungry there was a nifty little indoor market and outdoor patio seating up on the third floor here that would be a little slice of LA heaven for lounging in the sea air. As it stood we spent our time oogling the diamonds in Tiffany instead. ;) Priorities, you know?

Lucky for me I got a visit from my bro to Florida for my birthday back in May AND got to visit him in CA for HIS birthday in July. And it was not just any birthday, oh no friends... it was his 30th!!! OLD MAN ALERT! We killed two birds with one stone by taking him out for his bday to a nomlicious LA sushi joint. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me. Love you bro!

Didn't I say something about a Dodger game earlier?! YES we <3 the Dodgers and hate the McCourts. This was for sure the emptiest Dodger game I have ever been to but that just meant better seats for us for a winning game! AND because its summer in the city we were treated to some very spectacular post-game fireworks. Jonathon's Godfather flew in from Colorado to see us and go to the game with us too, so I would say all in all the evening was a triple-play (haha, you're welcome).

As I mentioned yesterday, the rest of the trip was pretty much spent either eating, driving to eating or visiting with friends or family or driving to visit friends or family. There were also two afternoons of glorious pool lounging thrown in there as well that pretty much made the trip complete. We tried to balance the hustle of seeing as many people as possible with a little actual relaxing since we have both been working so hard. I think we did a decent job. Thankfully we went last week and not this to avoid CARMAGEDDON. That was a very hot topic amongst our LA friends during our trip.

The rest of the pics are just of us pre or post eating at various food type establishments. Like I said, priorities, you know?

We had an amazing trip, got to spend lots of QT with our lovies and got to see our favorite city in the whole US of A. We're blessed people, what else can I say?!

Now it's back to REALITY. Waaa waaaa. I do have plenty more pics on my phone to share with you all. They are mostly of, you guessed it, food so you have that to look forward to soon!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trip Home: Part A

So, I have been away. HOORAY for away. Today's a new day. Say hey! Ok sorry, my glee at having a vacation and going home for a week caused me to channel Dr. Seuss for a second there but I'm over it.

Check out this beautiful picture:

So many lovely faces all in one place! JOY! J and I flew on home to LA last week and it was SO needed and enjoyed. We pretty much ate and drove around for a week but that's all you're supposed to do in LA anyhow. Oh and we got to spend some serious quality time with our kins. You know how it is. My bro and me at his pimped out office balcony overlooking Wilshire Blvd. Yea he fancy:

We flew in on the 4th of July which was nifty. Jonathon and I cruised up to Griffith Observatory to watch fireworks go off all over LA, it was pretty incredible.

Of course we got to spend some QT with Jon's sweet mom and Gammer.

Viva Los Doyers! We drove up to the top of Dodger Stadium to buy tix for later in the week and to soak up the views of beautiful downtown LA.

Things LA has that Florida doesn't: a) my family b) good food c) good shopping d) perfect weather. Yea, it was a little tough to leave. One of the highlights of our trip besides seeing loved ones was all of the fun shopping we got to do! We even found name plates with both of our names spelled correctly! It was thrilling. :)

We did a lot of eating. And I mean a lot. Like, gained 5 pounds in 5 days a lot. It was grand. Me and my handsome husband out for one of our delicious dinners with the crew.


I love these goofballs.

AND I love these goofballs.

My beautiful family (sans beautiful husband of course).

Oh I want to go back just looking at these pictures is TORTURE. It is nice to be home too though. Things Florida has that Cali doesn't: a) my TEENY boy. I got the world's best snugglies from the baby upon my return so I shouldn't complain.

Part B of Cali trip to come soon!

Friday, July 1, 2011

How Did Two Weeks Just Go By?!

Most likely because this has been two of the most insane work weeks of my life. I literally worked the past 12 days straight. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

So you know whats? Mama deserves a little vaca for sure. I can not WAIT to spend the next few days with this handsome man right here making a fish sandwich everywhere we go! Ok that sounded kind of gross but I only meant not leaving each others' sides.

In related news, there will be a hell of a lot of this action in my near future:

And this action:

I <3 you sun and surf.