Friday, March 5, 2010

J.Crew Coral Collection

I know i have taken a couple days hiatus from the bloggy world but I have been so busy churning out wedding goodness. It has been so difficult for me to come up with posts recently too because I want to share EVERYTHING that I have been DIYing but I want to keep it all a surprise too. I am bursting to share!

In the meantime, I have great news. With 25 days to go, all 4 bridesmaids finally have dresses! It was a year in the works but I think the girls are all going to look stunning but also like their own unique selves.

One thing I can definitely share on here that isn't giving any mystery about our wedding away is my fun shopping trip to J.Crew. It is total coral explosion in there. I couldn't stop pointing all the coral out to Jonathon and making him take my picture to send to the girls for accessorizing. They have everything from flip flops to cardigans. I have to admit I am pretty proud of my forethought way back in March or April of last year when we picked coral for a wedding color. Since then I have heard nothing but whining about how hard that color is to find and now, a few weeks shy of our wedding it is seriously EVERYwhere. I'm pretty happy about that.

My cousin Rachel was the last to get her bridesmaid's dress and I saw this one on so I went in to check it out in person. Sorry for the awful pic quality but we were taking it to send her more than to share here. :)

Here it is in a slightly more professional photo. I think it is damn cute and am going to buy it off of her after the wedding if she never wants to wear it again.

I also tried this Vintage zebra dress on and it is even cuter than this picture below in person. I felt like an art gallery director in it. That or a lady who lunches... Or a hot bride. It's fab.

Back to coraltensity. I thought this necklace was really cute with the beads and the bows and they had quite a bit more than that too. Actually Target has a pretty decent coral and gold jewelry selection right now too, if you happen to be looking.

This floral headband caught my eye too, I think it is so sweet but a little more LOOK AT ME than I usually am. You can see over my shoulder in the second pic that they are also selling one that is straight up coral, but it also has a weird army green flower with it. I thought the soft pinks and ivories were a bit nicer.

I have yet to see any of my moms or bridesmaids or groomsmen's accessories but I am sure they are all going to look amazing. I don't really have my own jewelry picked out yet either, come to think of it. Eh, I have three weeks, whats the hurry?! :)

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