Monday, May 31, 2010

Dreamy Grey, Cream and Peach Color Board Inspiration

If I had a little girl's room to decorate this color scheme would totally be my inspiration...

SO sweet.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Wish & Happy Anniversary to Us!

With our wedding 2 neat little months behind us (how is that possible? Happy 2 month Anniversary to us!), I have now had plenty of time to think over anything I would have done differently. I am so happy to say that of the entire week of festivities that made up our wedding, I can count only 3 things that I would have changed. That's pretty darn good considering!

One of those things is the fact that about 50% of our guests were all old high school friends. Of our bridal party alone, 6 out of 10 of us went to HS together.

With our 10 year high school reunion looming next year, I really wish when the photographers had asked, "are there any other special shots you guys want?" I would have requested a group shot of all our HS alum. Sigh. We do have all of these...

Ce la vie. We have plenty of great pics of all our friends, but none of us with all of them. Jonathon says, "you never know, maybe we will all get together again soon," and maybe he's right. I guess 10+ years of friendship and the fact that they made the cut on an 88 person guest list gives us pretty good odds that the friendships are here to stay.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trend Alert: Double Demin

Besides the every present light blue shirt-dresses, dark navy everything-else-dresses and all around naval inspired head to toe wears, blue is making it big in fashion this summer. Nowhere more so than in the denim trend we had all hoped would never come to fruition: denim on denim.

Doing the double denim has been a no-no for as long as the dreaded term "Canadian tuxedo" has been around. Unless of course your fashion inspiration is the Marlboro man or lest ye appear as if these two were your fashion impresarios...

And yet, according to Ralph Lauren, Gap, Banana Republic and all the other movers and shakers of the style world, you are now cordially invited to wear all of your denim at once.

While this might be a frightening idea for some, it really can be a simple trend to try if you stick closely to the following four fail proof rules.

1) The simplest way to do double denim is with a chambray top paired with jeans. Make sure the colors are different, preferably with the lighter blue on top a la Reese Witherspoon.

2) If you're going to pair a denim jacket with jeans, try one in an unexpected color. Grey denim jackets are very hip right now, and also pair nicely with brightly colored floral or African print dresses, another summer trend.

3) When doubling up on denim, mix the weights or the tones of the denim. Jessica Alba demonstrates an off-hand way to layer weights with a denim jacket over a tunic with jean leggings. This would also look great with a denim vest, another hot summer item. All blue, all day baby.

4) Finally, it's summer, don't forget you're an American and that means jean skirts and jorts are never out of fashion. For more elegance and less country, try longer jean shorts (mid-thigh) with the edges cuffed instead of cut. Anne Hathaway here reminds us chambray makes double denim work no matter what you pair on bottom, so long as its a darker tone.

So what do you think? Will you be busting all of your denim gear out at once? Or did Britney and Justin put the fear of head-to-toe denim in you for good?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bespoke Paper Goods on Etsy

Go on and TAKE IT... Take another little piece of my heart now baby! Own your very own bespoke paper party goods from Becoming Mrs. Ford now available on Etsy!

EXCITING NEWS! New bespoke items include swizzle sticks, menus, escort cards and wedding programs. Spread the news to any brides looking for something handmade, unique and full of love. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Decorating with Restoration Hardware: Lavender, Cream and Brown

If you are decorating an area of your home in cream, brown and subtle lavender like I am, but have an unlimited budget, unlike me, then I suggest you head straight to Restoration Hardware where that very color scheme is currently being pushed in a big way. They make it look real good too.

If the Mr. and I had our design druthers, our home would be a heady distressed wood and leather mix of RH, Pottery Barn and antiques. This cream and lavender linen couch, while highly impractical especially if anyone under the age of 10 resides in your home, is insanely cozy and would make the perfect beach cottage living room complete.

Jonathon and I both fell in love with this Buster leather chair and recliner set. I think they may be a bit dark to go with the above mention color scheme but they would be dreamy in a little alcove/corner library in my imaginary beach cottage.

Much of Restoration Hardware's grey-lavender and cream items are in the store's "outdoor living room" area. Which, if you think about it, would be just lovely surrounded by a white-picket fence with a snug sprinkling of real wild lavender all encompassing an expanse of bright green grass with the ocean just beyond it.

Sigh, this really made me want a beach cottage on the dunes...

Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY Detail: B&W Photos in Distressed Picture Frames

Incorporating photographs of the bride and groom into a wedding reception is an important detail for just about all couples. Some go with the inevitable slide show, some use framed photographs as table numbers and so on.

Using our amazing engagement photos in our reception decor was important for Jonathon and me so one of the ways we went about this was through the guest book table. In addition to our engagement photos, we incorporated a few childhood pictures and an old photograph of the two of us from prom!

Picking the frames was the fun part. Luckily we had an Aaron Brothers near us that was having an awesome "Buy a Frame and Get the Next for a Penny" sale. We didn't have a particular style in mind but we knew we wanted something not too perfect looking. They have such a great selection, I recommend checking them out if there's one near you.

Next we gathered the photographs we wanted to use and matched them up with one of our new frames. Although our engagement photos in particular have brilliant color we opted to go with all black and white to create consistency with all of the mismatched frames. In addition to working with weddings or parties, this would be an easy way to personalize or just jazz up a forgotten wall or console table in any home.

Our finished product! I think this would have looked even better with more frames or flanked on both sides with some bougainvillea branches in vases but it doesn't look too shabby as it stands. And the best part is, we now have ready made home decorations that double as keepsakes from our wedding! Aaron Brothers carries these various frames in larger sizes as well, so our next project is to frame our new wedding portraits in (mis)matching frames.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Weekend Welcome Drinks

One of the wedding week events I just never got around to posting was our Welcome Drinks Night at the Amigo Room in Palm Springs the Friday before our Sunday wedding. I really can't believe this was just shy of 2 months ago, it feels like yesterday AND a year ago all at once.

Although we had been spending time with our nearest and dearest already, this was truly the big bang start to our weekend wedding festivities. Everyone who made the drive out from LA after work on Friday sure weren't sorry. We had such a great time. Not to mention we had his-and-hers drink specials at the bar and photobooth action to capture everyones fabulousness.

Me and my lovely bridesmaids all in one place! This was the first time we were all together as 2 of my maids couldn't make it to the bachelorette party. I have hot friends. :)

At this point we lived 3000 miles apart but 2 months later and we're neighbors! It's awesome having a bff like mine.

The funniest photobooth keepsake of the night was definitely my mother's. She looks so confused in all 4 shots, it was cracking all of us up.

This picture is the funniest for no apparent reason. We were just being silly and pretending to wait in line to get into the fancy club... Being dorky is hilarious.

My handsome husband.

Cancun Reunion/Teth Sandwich!

The boys.

They give it thumbs up so I guess that's all the approval needed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY Detail: Personalized Swizzle Sticks

Now that we have all of our beautiful professional wedding photographs back I can start sharing with you some of the most personal and special parts of our wedding: the details! Most of the "wedding books" will tell you that personalization is the numero uno thing that makes an event stand out in it's guests minds. When creating the details for our wedding I thought of the 3 easiest ways to personalize and then I went to work. 1) Color 2) Monograms 3) Photographs. I really think the handmade details are with what made our day special and memorable to us as well as unique for our guests.

Originally I was inspired to make these fun swizzle sticks from a similar idea I saw on one of the big wedding blogs but I knew I wanted to do something a little different. Because J and I were trying to incorporate our amazing engagement photos into our big day without doing a LONG and sometimes boring slide show, I thought these would be a fun addition and really helped to set the tone for some of the other details like the menus and wedding programs.

J and I made each one by hand with love . I created a template on InDesign for the photographs, we punched the embossed monogram circles and then assembled them with the wooden sticks. Finally, Jonathon wrote on the sticks themselves. We ended up with 5 different pictures, green and kraft brown monograms and various words of love as described by 1 Corinthians: 13 such as love, patience, kindness, etc.

It was a wonderful experience making these with Jonathon and I felt that they added such a personal touch to the first stop for most guests at the wedding... the bar! I suggest making something similar for your next party, or if you don't have the craft gene, you can always order them from me through my Etsy Store!