Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Just try to not cry at the end of this song, I triple dog dare you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmasy Weekend

That's all she wrote yins. The last weekend before Christmas is one for the books; did you spend it merrily? My sweeties and I did for sure.

On Friday night we headed down to Celebration, Flordia where it snows every half hour! :) The "snow" is actually soap suds that are released from lamposts on main street, but it is beautiful nonetheless (if not a little dirty from the mobs of children rubbing soap in each others' faces). They also have horse-drawn carriages and some of the most insane displays of lights you have ever seen. Exhibit A:

I took many more photos and videos, which I will happily shares soon, but you get the drift, right? It is pretty much magical, and if you get the chance to be in Central Florida over the holidays ever, I highly suggest swinging my Celebration.

Also, I promised photos of our adorable wreaths and I always deliver on my promises:

Oops, how'd this cutie get in here???

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS here in Florida this weekend, and finally felt cool and crisp. We soaked it up on Park Avenue with some lunch, people watching and shopping this weekend as well. It was very relaxing and a great way to start off Christmas week!

Only 5 days til the fat man brings us our goodies!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas, Florida

Guess where you will be able to find me tonight? Christmas, Florida. No, that's not just a state of mind friends, its an ACTUAL PLACE. And I want to go to it.

Where is Christmas, Florida? Glad you asked. Here's an extremely helpful map to guide your way:

I have actually driven through Christmas before when it was NOT December and at the time, there wasn't much to see. I am hoping now that the holidays are upon us, the town goes all out with their holiday lights. It would seem almost sacrilegious if they didn't, right? Besides the holiday lights, we are making the trek just for you. Yes, you guessed it. Your Christmas card will not only be beautiful, thoughtful and SWAK (sealed with a kiss, I'm 13)... it will also be stamped with the USPS sent from Christmas, Florida stamp.

You are so welcome.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Office Holiday Party

One universal part of celebrating Christmas that people can either look forward to all year or completely dread is The Office Work Party. Ours was yesterday and it was actually really fun. There was ice skating, So You Think You Can Dance on Wii, food pantry donations, hot apple cider and... guess who was there? SANTA and MRS. CLAUSE!

By far the best part of the party was the ice skating. I had to convince Abby to get out there with me. As you can see, we were some of the first people on the ice but the traffic picked up after they saw how cool we were. :P

I would like to point out that I am from Los Angeles and Abby is from Ohio and this was her first ever time ice skating. She kind of hated me and kind of loved me for making her try it. Seems appropriate.

Have you had an office party yet this year? Was it horrible or horribly awesome?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Christmas has finally arrived in Central Florida!

Folks... this weekend I did Santa a solid and cleared the stores OUT with gift purchases. Two places with enormous sales that have a lot less inventory this morning than on Saturday or Sunday: Kohls and Joanns. Joanns in particular was a little dizzying. I managed to spend only $40 and walked out with bucketloads including two big beautiful wreaths for our home ($10 each. SERIOUSLY. Pictures to follow).

The conversation between myself and the cashier ended in her saying: "Ma'am, the door is that way. Are you really leaving this time? It's honestly for your own good." True story.

Besides the gifts and the wreaths... Here's a preview of a couple of my huge weekend splurges:

Our new "fireplace" which comes equipped with your choice of carols or crackling flames sound track. Yes, it was well worth the $5.

Teeny's new "I heart/paw Santa" collar! I realize he doesn't look overjoyed by his new collar but he only looks sad because I made him pose with his head on the ground for the photo, NOT because his yearly duties as reindeer are upon him. :)

Besides shopping without dropping, we also received our very first Christmas gift in the mail from the world's best MIL this weekend! In case you were wondering, she told us to open it early, we weren't being greedy piglets. We were BLOWN away when we opened the gift: A beautiful new nativity that I have had my heart set on for quit some time. (Real pics to come soon too):

I honestly don't remember telling her that we wanted this so much but she is a sneaky good listener and now our home will be even more festive for years to come. THANK YOU STACI!

How's your shopping list coming along? Is your home all holiday jolly? Hopefully tonight we get our TREE!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Nutty Professor

No students were harmed in the making of this photo...

Well folks, that's all she wrote! Mark my first semester as a college professor down in the books. I was fortunate enough this semester to co-teach a freshman seminar course with my friend and co-worker Abby. Co-teaching was not only hilariously fun but also made my life WAY less insane. I'm sure our students thought we were crazy... fun and slightly crazy. We were both teaching this class in addition to our regular full-time jobs at the university and without partnering to teach it, we would have had a hell of a time keeping up with all of the work.

It felt great to be back in the classroom after about two years and I really loved some of our students but MAN is it nice to be done with that extra hunk of work each week. I am ready for a SERIOUS BREAK. Speaking of which... there are only 15 days until CHRISTMAS!

Are you ready?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New York State of Mind

It is finally winter here in Orlando! The temp actually got down to 45 degrees this morning and more than anything, that just makes me want to be somewhere with true wintery Christmas magic... New York City! If only I were ice skating in Central Park today and then off to enjoy a hot apple cider and shopping spree along 5th Avenue.

I suppose I will take winter in Florida while I have it today. It's supposed to be 75 again tomorrow (what?! why?!) and I know a lot of the world would happily trade places with ME for a day in this weather. By the way.... When did it get to be December 8th? I am giving my final exam today and then most of my students are scampering home for the holidays or are off to cruises with their families. Really. Lucky little students.

How are you enjoying the early December weather in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cute Xmas Gifts for Teacher

One of the best parts about the days leading up to Christmas are all of the wonderful gift guides out there... I know that might sounds weird, but I love looking at all of the fun, random items you can purchase out there that you would normally not consider. I like Real Simple's and Lucky's gift guides and Design*Sponge just put one out this morning.

Daily Candy has a list for just about everyone on yours, not the least of which is a darling Teacher's Gift Guide. How great are these few items from that list?

In case you are still stumped on what to give your child's teacher... speaking from experience and an extensive list of teacher friends, you can just about never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card.

Any other great gift lists you guys are perusing this time of year?

Monday, December 5, 2011

We're Going Bowling!


We'll be the ones in Red.