Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Review

Happy Tuesday to ya.  Do you miss THE WEEKEND already?  Me too... The handsome hubs and I took a mini half-day vacation on Saturday to South Tampa, it is so cute there!  Ok, I will be honest... we really drove an hour and a half for food.  Datz is one of our favorite Florida restaurants, we went there on our 1st anniversary trip to St. Pete and have taken every opportunity to go back. 

On Saturday we decided to just make our own opportunity and go!  So glad we did. After breakfast we had planned to go to the beach but ended up just shopping in Hyde Park in South Tampa.. We would move there in a heartbeat.  So cute.  We had to head back to Otown early because we had UCF basketball tickets so it was a pretty full day but an awesomely relaxing one still.  Love it when that happens!

We also hung out with the sweetie pup and watched the Oscars for what felt like the first time since high school.  It was a pretty chill weekend but went by much too quickly.  Did you do anything fun?? The next weekend is almost here folks, we can do this!

Happy and well fed after Datz

Worlds biggest goofballs aka Loves of My Life

Oh you thought I was exaggerating?  Chicken and Waffles Eggs Benedict!

Don't mind him trying to look serious after a workout with the dig

EASTER DECORATIONS ALERT.  My favorite (close second after Xmas)

His and hers bunnies from Pottery Barn Kids... Give me those

Chillin out coolin maxin and relaxin at Hyde Park in South Tampa

Might not be wearing make-up but still cant hide my happiness

Look close and you might see a Pirate ship during Gasparilla in Tampa

Pretty fountain in Hyde Park

I laughed for 10 minutes.  Have you seen Portlandia?  We can pickle that!

Press boxin big timers at the UCF game... we won no biggie

So true

I mean, just look at that sweet mug

Monday, February 25, 2013

Friends Time

Last week I was lucky enough to get some new baby time with my friend Abby's snuggle bundle Knox.  Of course, because there was a tiny human around, I forgot to take any pictures with mom... oops!  It's not cause I don't love you Abby, its just because your son is precious. 

Thankfully, because Knox's mom is so sweet, she sent me the following email to get me through another Monday without her at work (it is seriously brutal not having her here!):
So true, so sweet, made my day!

 Abby definitely also made the day at work on Friday by coming by with her cute boys, she looks wonderful and it made Friday fly by.  Isn't her son just SO precious?  Here is her sweet boy on his 2 month anniversary-birthday-thing:
Sweet droooooolies!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you had a sweet day yesterday filled with giggles and chocolate :) 

Mine definitely was wonderful... I baked heart shaped red velvet cuppies with pink cream cheese frosting for my handsome hubs and he surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers at work and took me out to one of the most insanely delicious restaurants in all of Otown for dinner (The Ravenous Pig!).  It was a perfect day :)

We shared Teeny as our 3rd Valentine.  He is so handsome!

Cutest Card Ever

Some of my work buddies

It's  always Happy Hour when there's wine involved

My favorites :)


I know it's small but if you can read this drink list, you should.  The Gin & Jam... yes.

So cute and moody, right?  He did so good :)

He's just right


I got Grouper and felt like I was on Top Chef.  He had Steak Frites... NOMS

AND IT RAINED... Double hearts

Yes, that's a strip of candied bacon in his Old Fashioned!

Cuppies!  He is so cute


Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend in Review

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend... personally, I feel like I blinked and it was over.  Don't you hate it when that happens?!  I guess I was just having too much fun.  The handsome hubs and I squeezed a lot into this weekend.  We saw a lot of friends and tried to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible.  Hope you didn't get snowed on!

On Friday we had a fun date night at a new place in Winter Park called BurgerFi (it's a chain so you might have one... it was TASTY but I would be ok not going there again for like a year... all I can say is Huge Onion Rings, you are my nemesis).  We followed all of that delicious grease up by a romantic stroll through Park Ave and topped it all off snuggling at home watching the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance, which I had never seen.  Can you believe it?  That silly Matt Damon. 

On Saturday I got the royal treatment... J made me breakfast and then we worked out around beautiful Lake Baldwin.  That afternoon I took photos for our friends Ashley and Matt's son Matthew's second birthday party which was a lot of fun (super hero theme!  pics to follow), all followed up by girls night with two of my gal pals Angel and Aimee.  On Sunday we did some chores, rewarded ourselves with Jeremiah's and spent some time with our friend TJ.  I might have also watched a marathon of Hawaii Life and secretly planned our next move (it is a Hawaiian realty show) while photoshopping. We packed a lot in and had so much fun I wish it had never ended!  Here are some highlights from last week :)

Have a great day!

Some Auntie T time :)  We love each other

What a sweetie

Regal beagle

Auntie Aimee... She's going to be one hell of a mom


They're deeply in love.

Welcome to TOKYO... His words, not mine

Gosh I love them

My sweets

Photoshopping away... Of all my Matthew's bday pics, this photo makes me the happiest

Sweet baby girl smiles melt my heart

Gorgeous Florida morning with my besties

We might have gotten our bling shined out

Don't mind if I DO

Uncle Jack being sweet