Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ring Shopping on El Paseo

A couple of weeks ago when we drove down to Palm Desert to take care of some wedding business, we checked one very important wedding related detail off our list... We bought our wedding rings!

It was absolutely stunning on the drive down. The mountains were all covered in snow and the skies were so clear. I am so happy we are having our wedding in Palm Springs, Jonathon and I just love it down there.

Gosh that's gorgeous.

For those of you who haven't been to Palm Desert, El Paseo is the Rodeo Drive of the desert. That is where we headed to do some shopping. There is a Saks, a Coach, Dior, Burberry, you name it.

There is also... A Tiffany & Co... Oh man did we have a good time picking out our rings and inscriptions. I think that we both got the EXACT ring of our dreams. I am so beyond excited to wear my ring and see Jonathon in his everyday.


Maybe you can tell from the pics... We went back more than once :)

And THEN this week, in the mail, Jonathon received his ring! I am SO JEALOUS! His inscription is the same as mine, but I think because my ring is rather thin it is trickier to inscribe. His beautiful ring looks so perfect on him, it gives me the butterflies to the maximum :)

It was mesmerizing!

I think it's a bit big for me...

Isn't it just perfect??? Now if mine would just get finished already.... The anticipation is driving me crazy!

That is one happy man right there :)

It's almost time!


Tiffany JQ said...

Wow, most beautiful post ever! Only in southern california can you get that amazing dichotemy of the palm trees in the foreground of a snow-capped mountain shot. LOVE IT! and the ring!! and your two smiling faces!! YEAY!!!

Shells said...

Judging from what you guys are wearing in the pics, it looks like I can leave my bulky winter sweaters behind and bring on the tank tops and flip flops. Woo-hoo!