Friday, February 26, 2010

Straight Hair Wedding Up-dos

I have been a bad bride. Over the past year I have only ripped out 2 photos from magazines of "bridal hair" that I like and neither one was a Love. Now here I am with 30 days to go and no hair-do in mind for my big day, no salon or stylist and no trial hair-do date set. Giant eek. I'll be honest, I'm a little stressed out about it.

I thought I was sure I wanted to have an up-do, but on my most recent internet search the 'do I liked best was the one below of Ana Paquin and her hair is half-up, half-down... Now I'm confused. When searching for these looks I have learned two things. 1) Apparently I am looking for a "romantic" or a "bohemian" look and 2) Most up-dos have lots of curls.

I really like these two, but they are a bit curly. I never curl my hair so I am immediately thinking these aren't really for me but they are more wavy than curly so maybe they would work...

Two straight-haired up-dos that I like but they're both super boring...

This is so cute... Why Ana, why???

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moller's Garden Center Succulents

When we were down in Palm Desert meeting with our priest last weekend I went by Moller's Garden Center to check out the desert's best succulents. They had such good variety, and the prices weren't mind-blowing for their cheapness or expense so I guess who's complaining, right? We have a place in Ojai that I will post on soon that is a bit less pricey and have some really exotic stuff, but this wasn't too shabby either.

They even had some big mamajamas. These were $40 a piece, aren't they awesome!

3" potted succulents for $3 a pop.

Besides the potted single plants Moller's had some large and small mixed cactus and succulent arrangements in ceramic pots for $40 and $15 respectively. These were a little too cactuscentric for my, but the price is not too shabby if you're in the market.

I just love bouganvillia, I dont think there is anything including cactus that says desert to me more. It is so soft, exotic and romantic. I especially love the pink and orange "rosenka" variety. You will be seeing it at our wedding shindig for sure.

OMG have you ever seen anything so beautiful as these poppies? These made me want to change our entire reception to incorporate them as centerpieces. Poppies, poppies. It may just happen...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LWD Lilly Pulitzer 2010 Collection

With two wedding showers coming up and then a rehearsal dinner right around the corner, this bride right here has her eyes majorly glued to the Lilly Pulitzer Little White Dresses. The new Spring 2010 collection is out with some of the old standbys but these three stand out as fresh and new, and just perfect for any bridal occasion.

The Pearce Dress with cap sleeves and embroidery details is so darn cute. Doesn't it have a great retro vibe and relaxed elegance? I think it is too adorable.

The Carly Dress in silk cotton with ruffled halter neckline is striking but playful. Ooh la la!

The Betsey Dress with a beaded empire waist is classically chic.

Which one is for you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Julia's Coral Bridesmaid Dress

One of my bridesmaid's has been MIA during a lot of our engagement, she has been off traveling in Africa. Lucky girl!!! I am so glad to have her home though, and the first thing she did was trot off to Nordstrom and pick herself out this beautiful coral Maggy Boutique dress. I think with a little pizazz added in (hello sparkly belt opportunity!) she is going to look HOT.

Like maybe this one from J.Crew or something even glitteryer and festive. Im excited!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lenten Altar Desertscape

Because we are getting married on Palm Sunday, we did not know for a long time how the church would be decorated during our service. Jonathon and I met with the priest this weekend at St. Margaret's and because our wedding is only one month and one week away (OH MY GOODNESS, how is that possible?) we were finally able to see the Lenten decorations.

The altar guild decorated the church in what they call "desertscapes" and I think they look very Palm Springs and are very neutral so we could either add some more decoration or just leave it as it is. I am still praying for some floral altar sprays to show up for Palm Sunday that would add something softer up on the altar, but the church is so beautiful as it is that it will be fine. So far the only decorations for the church I have is an aisle runner. You can tell that is definitely a part of the wedding that has not been focused on...

I thought it might be pretty if we draped some fabric between the aisles and then hung succulent wreaths on the pews. Is it way too cactusy and not enough soft romance?

I LOVE the way that looks, and I think we could re-use them for the reception but the last thing I need right now is another project. Maybe I will see if these are for sale on the interwebs...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Perfect Peach Tie

What to do about ties when you have 4 groomsmen wearing 4 different grey suits? I think get them different ties in the same color. I was so thrilled when my Stepmom sent me this website We have been looking at Nordstrom and Saks to no avail so I was so thrilled with these, I think they are perfect.

I know our bridesmaid's are wearing coral, but I just can't bring myself to make these handsome men wear coral ties. I don't know, it seems tacky to me. Maybe someone out there thinks peachy-apricot is just as tacky but I think these will complement the coral but are a bit manlier. Did I just call peach manly? :)

The second one is my favorite. I think Jonathon should be different, with an ivory tie, but Im not sure how ivory will look with his grey suit... Too boring?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Anniversary and One Year Since Fianced

I can't believe we have been so busy lately that I completely forgot to post about Jonathon and my anniversary. 5 years baby! It seems like the years have absolutely flown by. If you had asked me way back in 2005 fresh out of college if this guy Jonathon and I would be walking down the aisle I would have laughed at you but now... I've never been more positive about anything in my life. I feel so blessed to have this amazing person as my best friend and in a handful of weeks as a husband and lifelong partner. Absolutely amazes me.

Not only was our anniversary a few weeks ago but our anniversary was also the day Jonathon proposed to me last year. I have been a fiance for one whole year and let me tell you, it has been a year-full for sure. When we were picking a date I thought a 13 month engagement was way too long but it has turned out to be just perfect. I think if we hadn't had football season to slow our roll we could have done everything in less time but I liked stretching out the whole being a bride thing. :)

For our anniversary we went for a walk at Malibu Lagoon, window shopping at Cross Creek and enjoyed some of the planets best cocoa at Paradise Cove with our new friend the giant pelican. It was a really sweet beautiful day.

Jonathon won the staring contest with this giantest pelican ever...