Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Final Wedding Dress Fitting

I just had my final dress fitting which officially means this shindig can now happen! Yes, we were waiting for my dress. Jon has asked me about 25 times over the course of this engagement if I wanted to "just go to the courthouse today because there is gas in the car baby," and every time I have said, "I can't yet... my dress!" Which is not to say that you guys are all going to show up on the 28th and we will already be married and off on a honeymoon, but I am saying that if all else fails I have my man and my gown and I am good to go!

It was extra super special fun to have my last dress fitting because A) it all fit just right, B) my bridesmaid Julia was able to come after being off galavanting through South Africa for much of my engagement (sheesh) and C) I got to see my beautiful mama in her gown too.

Here are a couple pics of me and Julia. Do you think I'm a little bit happy?

I hope I don't get in trouble for showing my mom's piece de resistance before the big day, but she just looks so stunning, I had to show her off.

That's one hot mama!!!

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Rachel said...

One hott aunty indeed. I pictured that like exactly for some reason.