Friday, March 5, 2010

Coed Wedding Shower Highlights

Sorry it has taken me a while to talk and share about our amazing wedding shower but here is one whopper of a big post for you. Our wonderful family friends Bill and Andi hosted the shower for us and it was the most fun I have had in I don't know how long. All of the details were just so special, from the cutest bunting Tasha & Jon banner awaiting us outside their beautiful home, to the warm welcoming decorations. I love Bill and Andi, they are such sweet good-hearted people and I feel so blessed to call them friends.

Andi had the prettiest succulent centerpieces on the tables and she has these awesome vintage cowboy tablecloths. Its a bit tricky to see in the pics, but trust me, they are cool.

Does this just say "love" or what? Everything was so beautiful.

In addition to all of the delicious homemade food and decorations, we had the best people around to party with. Here are a couple of bridal party celebs: Dave and Julia.

Our favorite dessert is pie so of course Andi had lemon meringue, chocolate AND blackberry, in addition to homemade cupcakes and fresh whipped cream. She puts Martha to shame. Jules, look out behind you!

On to the gifts! Ok, lets be frank... I am a little shy, so having all eyes on me while opening all those gifts was totally nerve-wracking for me even though they were all friends, but it was SO fun seeing all those goodies that we wished for appear in front of us. I know this sounds a bit materialistic but for some reason the receiving of home good type gifts is one of those things that really makes GETTING MARRIED feel so real. Go figure.

We received a lot of great baking related items that I am SO stoked about. This girl right here is just a decent chef but I can seriously bake the heck out of some delicious yum-yums. Now we have a gorgeous cake stand to show off whatever I bake in my pie baking kit, brownie baking kit, cookie sheet, and awesome non-registry anthropolgie tart dish. Heck yes! Plus we have some kick ass new stemless wine glasses and artisenal wine to put to use during the baking. :)

As excited as Jon was about all the baked goods in his not too distant future, what really got him excited was the best gift of the night, a digital video camera!!! That was honestly one of those things we put on the registry as a "wouldn't it be rad if someone got us this?" item, but we didn't really expect it at all. Dave is the man!!! I am shy in front of video cameras but as an avid photographer I am really excited to have a new medium to save memories with. Plus the camera is just really cool. Prepare yourselves for some home videos!

Did I mention Dave is the man? We are stoked.

Here are some of our gift givers and standing are our lovely hosts Bill and Andi. We <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

The future MIL hard at work transcribing :)

Our friends hard at work laughing at us about something. Yes I do mean AT us.

Can you tell where we registered? Can you tell we feel totally loved and excited and overwhelmed? Can you tell it took 4 people to get all our new beautiful toys in the car?!

We just had the best time ever. Beyond the gifts themselves we really felt showered with affection and it was AWESOME! Thank you so much to everyone for coming and for making us feel so special. It was the best preview of the funtimes ahead at our wedding weekend!


Tiffany JQ said...

Tashi! Thanks for posting all the fun pics. It was great getting to know Jon's friends better as well. I'm glad one of them came through with a non-baking gift for Jon!! (we were cracking up at Jon's reaction to all the home-goods... he did his best)

MrsFord said...

Haha, he was secretly thrilled because of all of the implied things he will soon have to eat! We had so much fun. You are the best.