Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Golly

Gooood morning. This is what Central Florida looks like this morning:

Unfortunately there was also severe weather last night including hurricane and tornado warnings so my heart definitely goes out to those whose homes were damaged as they are going to be in for a rough rainy day today as well.

Not being from Florida I get seriously freaked out by this weather. It's not the rain or so much the wind that scares me but it IS the constant crashing enormous lightning. It's terrifying!

I was never afraid of thunderstorms EVER before moving here. But this is no regular lightning. You can actually see it everywhere, what may be just feet from you and when it gets going, you are seriously surrounded! I guess they call Central Florida the lightning capital of the world for a reason. Luckily my office is in the basement with no windows so I should be good :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anyone Have the Time?

It's sexy o'clock! Here's a glamor shot of my beautiful new watch taken while driving in the rain with my camera phone... oops. I'm from LA give me a break. ANYhow, my watch is beautiful! I love it and more than anything I love the man that gave it to me. :D

This is where I spent my 1 year anniversary... could be worse, right?

Unfortunately I wasn't there for fun but for a work conference. At least I got out of my dungeon office without windows and got to enjoy the beautiful stormy weather overlooking one of Central Florida's many lakes.

If you have never been to Disney World it is seriously a World with a capital W. Enormous. You might even temporarily forget you were on Disney property. But you know how I knew I was at Disney? $4 half-full dixie cup of coffee and hakuna matata playing in the ladies room. Ahhhhmerica!

More conference to go this week, I'll keep you posted on any Pluto or Mickey spottings.

Monday, March 28, 2011

One Beautiful Year

One year ago today, I had the most sublime pleasure of marrying my very best friend in the world Jonathon! I seriously can not believe a whole year has passed since that wonderful day (actually wonderful week, it was the best week of my life hands down).

So much has happened in a year from new home to new jobs to new friendships. Being married has been so much more wonderful than I ever expected. I feel closer to my sweet husband every day and couldn't ask for more.

We celebrated our anniversary early over the weekend because we both had long days at work to look forward on our actual anniversary today. It's kind of lame to think what a magical day surrounded by loved ones I had last year and how I will be at a conference with strangers all day today and apart from my sweetie.

This weekend we went out for dinner, brunch and dinner again with some shopping and football thrown in here and there! It was pretty perfect. I was definitely spoiled by my wonderful husband. Most of all, it was just great spending so much time together. Even Teeny wanted to get in on the love action!

Out for brunch at the most delicious Peach Valley Cafe.

YUM to apple fritters and the best husband ever!

I gave Jonathon a set of 12 note cards representing the 12 months of our first year of marriage with a hand written trip down memory lane in each and he gave me a beautiful watch. Unfortunately the rest of my gift to him didn't come in the mail in time even though I paid for rush shipping. DARN IT. Anyhow, we're darn good at loving on each other :)

For dinner we went to the Capital Grille and they were good at loving on us too! They gave me a rose and gave us a framed photo of us as well. They also gave us the most intense dessert I think I have ever had. This chocolate cake was so rich we barely made a dent in it but it was scrumptious and so was the cheesecake. :)

We had a great time together talking and reminiscing over the incredible first year of marriage we have had. I seriously can't believe how quickly it flew by and how many blessings came our way in such a short amount of time. Life is sweet!

Heres to so many more wonderful years to come. I love you baby!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Face You Fears Friday

Today I stepped up to a microphone and gave not one but two presentations during orientation at the second largest college in the country. You can imagine there were a few people there starring at me and writing down my every word.

I don't consider myself an overly brave person, but people are always telling me they would never do some of the things that seem like fun to me. Maybe they just mean I'm crazy, who knows. Let's blame it on the former dancer and theater nerd in me, the years of improv, the travel to third world countries in college or the years as a high school teacher in inner city LA. Maybe it's my faith. Who knows why, but I enjoy a little adventure and I am starting to realize I actually am brave.

Exhibit A: standing near the world's most deadly snake. Truthfully, this one made me want to vomit...

Exhibit B: driving an ATV through the jungle. I would like to point out that I was the only female driving my own vehicle and not sitting on the back of their Euro husbands'. Go me.

Exhibit C: flying through the air on a wire in the rain in a country without federally regulated safety measures. Like that helmet's going to do anything if my hand-attached hook goes faulty.

Exhibit D: dirty and happy.

Well... public speaking never seems like FUN until I'm actually doing it and then the best part of it is when I get to walk away from the mic. Whether I'm brave or not, speaking at this event in front of a huge crowd had me shaking in my pumps and doubting myself all week.

I was really nervous but before my presentations one of my co-workers said to me "dude, public speaking is the number one greatest fear for the majority of humans, even over death. You get props for just standing up there. Doing a good job on top of it is just impressive." That made me feel better. :)

After my presentations I had several parents and students come up to me with super positive reactions. One asked me how long I had worked here and when I said 2 months he looked at me kind of dumbfounded and said "I would have never guessed that, you seem like such an expert; You were so knowledgeable and put together and I feel so informed now." Seriously, that made all of my week's jitters worth it.

I know you don't get that home run every time you swing a bat, and trust me, I have struck out in big presentations before and it is awful. But after feeling so insecure leading up to these presentations and then succeeding just reminded me that my decision to go for it with confidence was what made it a success. Feeling brave and capable today was definitely a boost I needed in my life right now.

More than public speaking, I think it is really our every day actions that make us brave. Giving your life to someone else, sharing your opinion, going for your dreams, smiling in the face of injustice, trying to be a better person every day... None of those are small actions and I think we really should remind ourselves of how amazing we are more often.

Sometimes stepping up to the mic and doing the best you can is really the only way to realize you are more than you think you are.

I think you're amazing. Happy weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reason #14 to Visit Orlando

The Fresh Market!

I know Easter still won't be here for an entire month, but my and Jonathon's wedding day (almost exactly one year ago!) was the Sunday before Easter last year and there is something so magical and sweet about this time of Spring. I love it!

While my mom was here last week (sadly she went home yesterday... waaaaa) we checked out The Fresh Market in Dr. Phillips. Yes, Dr. Phillips is the crazy name of a suburb of Orlando.

The Fresh Market is just like Bristol Farms in California. On the day we went they were sampling whoopie pies and wine. I was stoked to find this store because of these amazing flowers... What says Spring more than a fresh beautiful bouquet?

Oh, they have dessert too...

Great, isn't it?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll let you in on a (Shhhh) Secret

With the start of Spring Football, we have been up and at em before the sun every day this week. Because Jonathon's work day starts a few hours before mine, it has given me and my mom some great early morning hang out time while she has been here visiting. What better place to hang out with your mama than a good old fashioned down home diner at 6am?!

World, meet The Townhouse Restaurant. The good people of Townhouse have been making folks happy since 1941. It is for sure one of my and Jonathon's favorite restaurants in all of Orlando. If you are into cute atmospheres and the most delish homemade breakfast from a diner you will ever have, then you have just struck gold.

Even the chickens think so. This one was hanging out outside our window...

It's really no big deal.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happiest March

I've been MIA lately because I have been off having too much fun in the REAL world! My mama has been visiting us this week and we have just had more fun than 3 people and a dog should be allowed.

Obviously we went out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day...

And watched the Badgers beat Kansas State... GO BUCKY!

We all rocked out a little bit...

And went on a boat tour of Orlando's lakes...

Like I said... when we get together it is just so much fun!

I am so happy she is still here for a little bit longer. LOVE you mama!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can you Feel the MADNESS?

Besides finding out I have 5 cavities despite my dentist-approved excellent oral hygeneine, (and I quote: "some people are just more prone to cavities no matter how diligent their dental routine..." Awesome. That somehow seems fitting) my Monday ended up being a beautiful day. I truly believe if you complain enough everything will get better. :)

Yesterday I kicked ass at work, got to have a delicious lunch of with my hubs (mmmm Jimmy Johns), the weather was seriously gorgeous for my double cross-campus walk, I picked out a good birthday gift for my little bro (who is turning 11 this weekend... WHAT?!) and topped it all off with some breakfast for dinner.

Ok, I will admit my propensity for sugar MAY possibly explain the 5 cavities. In all honesty, this was a dinner I made for us a few weeks ago, last night we had eggos. Who's a better wife than me??!

Lastly but certainly not leastly, tomorrow marks the start of one of the greatest times of year... MARCH MADNESS BABY! Can you feel it?! If you have yet to fill out your bracket, you have exactly t-minus one day before The Big Dance. You may have this one, you're welcome.