Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling Nostalgic

I was looking through some old (and i mean OLD, we're talking early 2000's here!) photos this morning and thought I'd get mushy on you for a moment.  Sometimes I save these posts for anniversaries or holidays but I was thinking today how I have been so blessed by my handsome husband all these years.

He is smart, handsome, sweet, loyal, dedicated, a good provider and care taker and above all (by a hair) he is hilarious.  I love our life together.  I love looking back at these pictures to see how happy we were back then and how, somehow, we are exponentially happier now.  I didn't think that would be possible and I am excited every day to see where God will take us next.

Thank you for being my favorite person sweets, I love you!

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years Update

Happy Friday!  I finally got a chance to give a little update of what the handsome hubs and I have been up to in the new year (besides work that is).  Can you believe it is already January 18th?  Where does the time go...

First, we went over to my beautiful friend Abby's house to meet the newest member of her family, Mr. Knox Hendrix Paul!  Isn't he a cutie???  Oh, and she's a crazy Duke fan if you couldn't tell from the pics.  Other than that exciting excursion, we have been doing a lot of hanging out with our main man Brody and enjoying the beautiful Florida in January weather.  We took a weekend trip to Celebration and have also been rooting for our Packers and my Badgers :)

Doing anything fun this weekend???

Tiny, sweet baby Knox!

Such a good baby :)


The sun, it's blinding.  Enjoy a beautiful day in Celebration!

Sunset at a lovely lake by our home.  So pretty and peaceful.

Almost time to switch out the Santa collar :(

Our bestie

Once a badger, always a badger

He humors me so well :)

We heart football
Always winners in our hearts.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year's Eve Partytime

Now that it's almost February, I figured I ought to catch up on my New Year's Eve pics! We had an awesome time celebrating with some of our best friends the Folgates as well as some other friends that somehow didn't make the photoreel here, lol :)  It has been such a blessing to live 5 minutes from my best friend Lindzee and times like these certainly make me grateful for good friends, good times and great memories.

Happy new year!


My sweetie
Love my friends :)
Look who was still up!!!!


The Folgs minus one tiny misses and one hairy misses

Divas ;)

New Year, New Us :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Celebrate Good Times Come On

I couldn't decide which to go with, so I will be wishing you a wonderful, happy, love-filled, bright shiny new year three ways (just like on Top Chef!).  I have so much to catch you up on, photos to share and stories to tell... Let's do that next week.  Until then, I hope you are 11 days into a happy new year and loving every minute of it. PS: It's Friday (time to party).