Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Horchata and Pastellitos

Feliz Navidad Chiquitas!

Since Christmas I have been on a bit of a whirlwind trip out to Cali for my grandma's funeral and to see my lovely fam. My gram's funeral was beautiful, especially the part where my cousin Amanda sang and played the guitar. She has a beautiful voice, she should let it out more often! It was good to lay her ashes to rest in the same collumbarium with my gramps and to think of them happy together again.

I am off on a plane again today to see my wonderful husband who I have missed SO SO SO much. I was trying to remember when we were apart for even one night and I think besides the night before our wedding, it was actually back in 2007. Eek, it was so weird to be in LA without him. The following pics are horrible horrible examples of why I need an iphone as they were taken on my Blackberry, also from circa 2007. More from my actual camera to ensue shortly... if I could only find my camera cord...

It was great to get some chillin time at my grandparent's house with my cousins. They're the cutest.

Two of the Los Angeles things I miss most: Hugo's Tacos and my brother... not necessarily in that order :)

Hope you're enjoying some down-time too!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Conference Champs

My honey is off today to coach in a big fancy bowl game so I thought it would be appropriate to share the photos from their conference championship win at the beginning of the month.

Our friend Ted came into town that weekend to celebrate with us, we had a total blast!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Beautiful People

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

See you favorite people of mine so soon!

Yes, yes, you too!

May you have a blessed day with your loved ones, and a bright shiney new year ahead of you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Night Devine

Last year around this time, we were freezing our hiney's off in NYC baby! We went ice skating on Christmas eve and then to church at St. Thomas' Episcopal, it was pretty grand.

Dang, we're cute ;)

This year will be a very quiet just he and I at home Christmas; our first of the kind in 5 years of Christmases together. I am quite looking forward to it, knowing that I will also have the chance to see my nearest and dearest the very next day! After Christmas we will be jet-setting all over this merry nation of ours so I am thrilled for both the adventure, and the quiet beforehand.

Some Nat for you today...

One very special day remains before Christmas 2010! <3

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skating Away...

Today is the last day I will have this view:

I will be starting a new job in January and am saying my sad goodbyes to co-workers and my fond hellos to my Chirstmas break tonight! If you're wondering what all of the little red "win" buttons are in the photo above, they represent each of the UCF Knight football victories :) this season. It is definitely going to be sad taking it down, but I am really excited to start the next chapter of my career journey, to mix metaphors.

One of my teammates made us into dancing elves in commemoration of my last day. It's one of the creepiest things I've seen in a while. Enjoy.

So long cubicle... Helllloooooo airplanes!

Your Christmas song today is a big fat shout out to the world's greatest mother ~ mine!

Just 2 itty bitty days until CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These are Gorgeous

Yowsa! Aren't these earrings beautiful?! They look like something to wear while holding hands with your honey and sipping a chai tea while shopping in Malibu... Hmmm... sounds kind of like my ideal day, weird?

Looking for last minute xmas gift ideas that are considerably LESS expensive than above earrings? I make a yearly trip to Anthropologie at the holidays; you are sure to find something for any one on your list.

I thought you might enjoy a little Tori Amos with your very LA Christmas post today.

Better hurry with your last minute preppin:, just 3 little days until the BIG day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas Time

Fröhliche Weihnachten Fräuleins!

Hope you weren't trampled at the mall this weekend. :)

Looking for a festive family game to play at your big fat Christmas gathering this upcoming weekend (Eeeeek! It's almost here!!!)? Well look no further... here's your answer.

Today's Chistmas song is a classic redone by the Jars of Clay. Enjoy!

That's right, just 4 days until the big man slides down the skinny chimney. Hope you're ready!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lindzee's Baby Shower

Happy Morning to you Chickadees!

I'm drinking a soy eggnog latte this morning, no big deal.

I thought I'd share some pics of my best friend Lindzee's baby shower with you this morn. Beautiful big bellied Lindzee is due to pop at the end of January when she will bring little baby Grant Emmett into this lovely world of ours. I sure can't wait to meet him and I know SHE certainly can't either.

I had the pleasure of handling the decorating (and the sangria... shhhhh).

I thought I did a pretty great job, personally. I'm not sure if you can tell... but Lindz and her husband Erik are kind of huge UF Gator fans.

Lindz received SO many new goodies for Grant and his nursery. Here she is with her sister Ash. She looks happy, eh? :)

Us girls. Love you Lindz!

Today's Christmas song is one of the best off of the Wintersong LP by the one and only Sarah Mclakalaka. She gets all tribal on this little number... just you wait for it.

Guess what folks? JUST 7 eentsy weentsy days until Christmas! Boom! Hope you're ready ;)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Parties Galore

Good morning sunshine!

Are you REAL ready for the weekend like I am? I am in dire need of some Saturday shopping time before the holiday is here. It's just going to be me and thousands of other scrambling shoppers at the malls, no worries. Are you all set on presents? Decorations? Carols?

Here's a few photos of us lovebirds from my work Christmas party last Friday. Not only did we look good and have fun ;) but we also won 2, count em 2(!) prizes in the raffle. 1) A $10 gift certificate to Panera... helllllooooo holiday bread! And 2) Two tickets to Sea World!!! We have not been yet but everyone here says that Sea World is the best of all of the Orlando parks. Who would have thought? Based on the San Diego Sea World I would have NOT been so stoked about our big win, but this one supposedly has great shows and roller coasters. Count me in! Thanks to my hustler of a husband who cleaned up in Blackjack and scored us all the raffle tickets. :)

This weekend there are even MORE Christmas concerts and parties to attend. Even if we don't win anything else this weekend, I am just excited to break out my Christmas sweater. Ok, I've already worn it twice. Shhhhh... I just love this time of year.

My Christmas song for you today is a shout out to my Gramps; this was his all time favorite carol and he used to get real into it if it was on the books for Christmas Eve service at church. Love you and miss you, Christmas in our family is just not the same without you!

This version is by the late great Mahalia Jackson... Mama can sing! If you haven't heard her Ave Maria do yourself a big fat favor and check it out NOW (I couldn't find a video online or I would've linked you, but it is worth finding if you have the inclination). Sorry there's no picture to this video, but enjoy the song!

Oh man, just 8 little days until CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Florida Rant

Ok Florida, I have serious beef with you.

I have put up with your extreme summer heat and now with your crazy cold spells. I have smiled while you reach into my pocketbook with your incessant toll roads every time I get behind the wheel. I have supported your Publix grocery store monopoly and lack of In n Outs. But I just can't stand for this.

Learn how to drive. Seriously, take a moment and research the concepts "merging" and "blinker" and I promise you, your ridiculous insurance rates will plummet substantially. I am just baffled by it. Do you think I want to practically run you or me off of the road because I just WANT to be in your lane? I probably need to either exit OR not exit. I'm not trying to take away your special lane, you can have it back in t-minus 4 seconds, just let me get over!

When my cousin Rachel came to visit she borrowed the car for a few hours (really, only a FEW HOURS) and when we saw her again the first thing she said was: "is it just me, or is Florida full of the worst drivers ever?" Its like a near-blind 75 year old taught the entire state to drive.

Get it together, Florida.

Whew, now that THAT is out of my system.... I'm pretty sure we need to improve the mood around here with some Christmasy sunshine music. Thank you ever so much Dean-o and Franky. You make the world right again.

And just for you, some pics of J and I at the downtown Lake Eola Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony from a few weeks back.

Christmas trees AND palm trees?! Ok Florida, I guess you do have some redeeming qualities.

Have a super duper day!

Only 9 days to go until Christmas!!! Ahhhhh!!!