Monday, August 31, 2009

More From It's a Bride Thing

Finally uploaded a little video clip from the end of the fashion show... Here's your first chance to see me all dolled up in full bridal regalia and doin' a little dance!!! Enjoy!

Unfortunately, I looked down to make sure I didn't trip right when J took the pic, but at least you can see one of the beautiful dresses I got to wear a little clearer than in the video.

My handsome honey and I after the show... Hot damn, he's attractive! Aren't the lanterns so romantic? They had to take the jeweled headpiece out of my hair so my "do" is looking a little lopsided but I'm rockin it anyways :)

Back at home I wanted a picture of my "wedding make-up" since I don't usually wear too much make-up and I thought they did a really good job of not going overboard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cory & Jessica's Wedding

Over the weekend J and I went to beautiful Calamigos Ranch for our friend's wedding. We got to see a lot of our good friends that we don't get to see enough. The bonus kicker... they played "Isn't She Lovely" as Jessica walked down the aisle... my mom has been demanding J and I play that song during our ceremony. What are the odds?

They had a pink and brown color theme that was really beautiful with the rustic setting.

Groomsman extraordinaire Theodonus getting his flower all lined up. I wish I had a picture of all of the groomsman, they looked so sharp. My favorite part of the wedding was the brother-sister dance between George and Jessica, it was bad ass.

We love weddings! Thanks for having us Mr. and Mrs. Beaird, it was beautiful!

Table Letter Centerpieces

Remember these? I forgot to show ya'll the final product in use! I made these lovely table letters for my girl Aimee's wedding this past June and they turned out so cute! Check out the DIY tutorial here.

They look dang cute, right? She had a wine theme for her centerpieces complete with homemade wine that she and her hubby Adam made for us. Isn't that awesome?

Love the purple overlays. Each guest got a bride and groom wine stopper :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a Bride Thing

A few weeks ago Renee from Camarillo Bridal (where I bought my wedding gown) called me up and asked if I would be willing to model a few dresses in an upcoming fashion show she was hosting. I was so flattered! The event "It's a Bride Thing" was last week and I had so much fun!

The event was held at the breathtaking McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, and I had no idea it was so beautiful there. Oh man, especially at night with all of the votives hanging from the trees... sheer romance! The whole place smells like eucalyptus and there are groves behind the ranch. So so so amazing, Jon and I were wishing we could re-plan our wedding :)

Here is the pre-show set up. There were local vendors from food and bev to traveling tanning, you name it.

I loved this centerpiece from Rockrose Floral Design. Because we are getting married on Palm Sunday in Palm Springs J and I have plans to incorporate palm fronds into our centerpieces.

Some brides-to-be chillin out...

Eeeek, I loooooooooved these.

How hot is that bougainvillea poking out of a bucket? Love that.

More votives...

Cutest flower girl dress, right? She had that pose down!
She struts her stuff on the catwalk (that's not me)! It was awesome, Jon was at the very end of it smiling at me :)

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to upload any of the pics my mom, J or I took so these are all from Studio Benjamin James who photographed the event professionally. Isn't it lovely?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Signing our Contract at the Ace

Palm Springs again! It's a good thing we enjoy the heck out of the desert because we have been going down there about once a month since we have started our wedding plans. I don't think I could handle planning a true destination wedding in some tropical paradise because I like to see everything first hand.

Jon's happy to not be working for 5 minutes!

Here we are in King's Highway at the Ace Hotel signing our reception contract. It's on baby!

The short bus... Originally there were plans to turn this lil guy into a walk-up bar but the Ace scrapped that idea and now it's just some funky eye candy near the Commune reception space.

El banos at the Commune... I take so many pictures so I can envision my decor, I swear.

Look at that! (I have no idea what he's pointing towards).

I am hoping to hang votives or poms or lanterns to jazz the space up. Seriously, lending the concrete reception space the touch of romance that I have in my mind is the only thing stressing me out about our wedding planning.

See those sand-colored tableclothes? They're canvas, fyi, and the curtains are dark denim. Just a couple-a four-eyes...

Ace-Space... The thing we love best about the Ace is that their whole concept is "community."

Pretty, no?

I love him.

While we were in Palm Springs we got to hang out with my Aunt Debby who just made a big move from Madrid, Spain to Santa Cruz, CA. Good choice! We took Grams to The Crab Pot in La Quinta... Oh yea, baby.

Before we left Jon and I went to TNT night at the Amigo Room at the Ace. Tacos and Tequila, um... yes, please. We also played the world's funniest game of Scrabble... the only board game J and I both suck at. Seriously, we'll beat you in anything else. Challenge.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Wedding Dress!

Wedding Gown Search is OVER! No you can't see the dress, you wait, be patient. Wish you had been with me? I know, you live so far away. Here's the bits you can see...

Here I am getting measured. For some reason, I appear to be terrified. Maybe it was all of the hands flying at me at once.

The seamstress in me can't help it, I'm eagle eyes all over Marissa.

Shout out to Janet and Marissa at Camarillo Bridal! They were awesome, even when my credit card was denied...

Visa is out! Ok, so the card wasn't denied because of a shortage of funds, just "red flagged" because of an excess in charges of late. It only took 30 minutes on the phone with the card company to convince them my wallet hadn't been stolen but that the sudden up-tic in charges was due to a new wedding-related-spending-pattern. At least I'm helping the economy :)

Papers signed.

Yours truly = dress owner. Guess what? I'm gettin married... Hugest. Smile. Ever.

Friday, August 14, 2009

J.Crew B.maid Frock Shopping at The Grove

Living in LA is the best. Thus far my maids have taken most strongly to the J.Crew bridesmaid's collection which is only available online... unless you live in LA (yea, take that). So, my photographer and I took a trip to the Grove to check out the top dresses for my all-over-the-country scattered ladies. We seem to be leaning towards the chiffon styles, so that's mostly what I tried on.

Please ignore my crazy faces. Please.

The Juliet. By far the crowd favorite. This was very flattering on and quite wearable. Obvs not going to be in black though. I loooooved the pin-tucked hem.

Twist-Tank Dress. This one is sweet and demure.

The Sophia. Shown here in cantaloupe which is quite flattering on my lack of tan. Seriously, stop making fun of my weird facial expressions.

I was so glad we went to see these in person because all of the chiffon dresses from J.Crew come in either tea rose or deep rose and figuring out what they really look like from my comp screen was not happening. Tea rose is on top here (basically, bright pink) and deep rose on the hanger behind (dusty rose or mauve would be more accurate descriptions).

Even though it was not chiffon, the Gracen was really interesting in silk taffeta so I tried the sucker on. Niiiiiice

After J.Crew we checked out the goods at Nordstrom where we stumbled upon this Laundry by Shelli Segal dress that I previously posted as a possible bmaids dress. In person, not so much.

The Grove is nifty. We had fun.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cake Tasting Mmmmmm!

If you are looking for a cake in the greater Palm Springs area, head over to Theresa at Jensen's Finest Foods and tell them Tasha sent you!

Feast your eyes and your mouth on all of this glory...

That's what we did anyway. So that you can pretend you were enjoying all of this bounty along with us, that's white cake, marble cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake and pound cake you see along with (clockwise starting at 12:05) custard, chocolate buttercream, cream cheese frosting, vanilla buttercream, fudge filling, lemon filling, strawberry filling, and raspberry filling.

I was pretty excited about it.

It looked almost too good to eat.


But apparently I am marrying a cake monster.

Or maybe his face just froze in that position.

The aftermath! Theresa brought us even MORE cake and fresh fruit. Can you tell which we liked the best? Oh, how our bellies hurt after. Did I mention it was 10 in the morning? Never too early for cake, right Rachel?! :)