Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pie! Pie! More Pie!

Ya'll know my love for pie of all varieties. I do not discriminate. (Except pecan, that's just disgusting). So you can imagine the thrill that went through my fluttering heart at the sight of these beauties.

How flipping cute are these pies in a jar? How good would they be as favors at the wedding of someone with the nickname Pie? No, I'm not kidding thats what my dad has called me my entire life, I have no idea why I swear...

Anyone want to get baking? I have a pretty full plate as it is already. See what I did there?! Full plate, get it???!!!

1 comment:

KatherineBee said...

Pies in a jar - Pies in a jar - Lookin' like a fool with yo' pies in a jar!

Juuust kidding, they're super cute!