Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend at the Lumber Yard

Over the New Year's weekend Jonathon and I spent a lovely coastal day in the 'bu. We ended up strolling with our poochy through the Malibu Lumber Yard and through Cross Creek where we said "hey thanks for further running our state into the ground" to the Governator as he passed by.

Sidenote: the past two times we have been at Cross Creek he has also been there. Why isn't he in Sacramento? Why isn't he even having a "working lunch" or anything? All I ever see him doing is kicking it in the 'bu. YOU HAVE A STATE TO FIX stop shopping! PS: you're very short. Sigh.

Anyhow, I found a lot of great wedding inspiration at the Lumber Yard.
I almost bought some wedding sandals at Tory Burch. I tried them on twice, I think the lady was going to hurt me. I just couldn't decide. I really love them but I don't know how they will "go" with my wedding ensemble. I will probably get them, don't steal my shoes. I will cut you.

I also fell in love with a Natalie B. gold wishbone necklace that was very reasonably priced at Planet Blue. If I hadn't been contemplating those TB heart sandals so hard I may have purchased this necklace. It is so sweet. I am also in love with this Tree of Life necklace from Nat but alas, it is sold out...

Jonathon and I both swooned a bit for the Le Labo candles (especially the Figue and Santal) at Theory. They are scrumptious. And I got a little too jazzed about these bomb turquoise leather fringe Cynthia Vincent sandals at Madison. I should be a fashion merchandiser. Seriously, someone hire me.

Finally, we were mostly inspired by the GIANT succulents everywhere. Never had I noticed them before, now I can't get succulents off my brain. I can't seem to find any pics on the internet and I should have taken some but the Lumber Yard is a "paparazzi free zone" so I didn't want to get in trouble.

Stay tuned for the transformation of my Lumber Yard inspiration into wedding details to die for.

It''s good to be back ;)

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