Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engagement Picture Day

What a whirlwind the end of December was. The day before we left for NYC J and I finally got to take our engagement pictures with Anika London. It was reaaaaaaaallly fun and we absolutely can't wait to get them back. It's very difficult this waiting business. We are praying that we don't look like complete doufuses in at least 3 pictures. High hopes here ;)

Jonathon and I have been joking that he looks so good and has such good modely faces and I am so unphotogenic and clumsy looking all the time that they are going to send us a bunch of pics back of just him with a few thrown in with the back of my head to the camera. Kills me every time. Hopefully it isn't true. :D

Anyhow, we had about as much fun packing for our day out in LA getting shot as we did packing for our trip to NYC. We couldn't decide what to wear so we made a tornado sized mess of our room and modeled it up for each other. I know, we're nauseatingly corny. Just go with it.

So I think we looked pretty hot in the threads we did choose. Josh and Ariel (from Anika London Photography) were amazing and made us feel very relaxed. We had one of the most beautifully clear LA days that I have seen in a while. It was just an amazing day. So much fun just goofing off and staring at each other all day. We started at LACMA for some portraits, had a crazy time at the very busy Farmer's Market and finished off with some night photos at Griffith Observatory. You're excited!

Holy crap I seriously am bursting waiting to see these pictures!!!

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KatherineBee said...

I am seriously dying to see these!!!