Thursday, January 7, 2010

Las Vegas Honeymoon

What is it that makes a honeymoon great? Romance, relaxation, indulgence and maybe a little adventure. You can get all of these on a crowded cruise or... you can get it all Vegas style.

When you think of Vegas, "romance" is most likely not the first word to pop into mind. However, before ye judge, check out the gorgeous Four Seasons Las Vegas.

Located on the top floors of the Mandalay Bay but with separate entrances, spas, restaurants and pools, the hotel is an oasis of relaxed romance in the heart of all that action.

If you get bored of lying by the pool, staring at the amazing views of the strip from your plush room, or being pampered with hot stone massages at the spa at the Four Seasons there are no end of options for your entertainment.

There are Cirque du Soleil, Cher, or Thunder from Down Under shows to be seen, countless buffets to be eaten, Bellagio fountains to kiss in front of, possibly the best people watching on the planet, and even a romantic sunset gondola ride to be had.

What more could you ask for?


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm on a comment roll today. I am a HUGE proponent of Las Vegas for all occasions. My dad and Stepmom have lived out there for about 6 years now, and I'm always thrilled to go visit. I have no doubt that you could have a relaxing and romantic time there, just as you could anywhere else in the world. The question becomes: do you want to do your honeymoon in a location that is so easily accessible from home? It could go both ways- you'll always be able to easily return and relive those memories; at the same time, you probably won't get an excuse to take a long break from work again in the foreseeable future, so the opportunity may be more wisely spent on going to a location that's out of the way. Then again, you'll be so drained after the wedding that a long plane flight will probably sound about as fun as a visit to the gyno. Just some thoughts.

MrsFord said...

Was this Tiff? I think it was...

We are 75% sure this is what we're going to do for our honeymoon. We wanted to do something tropical or cruisey or far far away but because we will be moving across the country right after the wedding we also just want something low-key and affordable that if we want adventure we can definitely have it.

To be honest I am assuming we will just want to lie by the pool for a week and eat out a lot... Where better than Vegas, right? We were thinking we would have a "Palm Springs honeymoon" and then do a real one a year later but so many people have told us they planned to do that and then never got the chance.

I think this will be a good mix of doing something "honeymoony" but without blowing our entire savings. I am excited!

Tiffany JQ said...

You're right, this was Tiff. I forgot to use my name!
I also forgot that you two are moving across the country, and that Vegas will not always be as accessible. All the more reason to choose it as a honeymoon spot. You'll seriously have SUCH a good time. At risk of soundy cheesy, Vegas can be anything you want it to be. I heard that City Center, the new complex with shopping, hotels, and condos is pretty cool. I know there's at least one boutiquey hotel with only 300 something rooms. I'm heading to Vegas at the end of January to see my dad, and I can do some recon work for you on City Center. I bet the Four Seasons would be amazing, though. Let me know if you have any other places you'd want me to check out. I'm also going to be in Vegas for President's Day (Valentine's Day) weekend with the boyfriend, where I'll have more time to be in the mix on the strip.