Thursday, January 14, 2010

Music Mayhem

J and I are what you may call "music people." Music plays a huge part in our lives and we both have such varied and eclectic taste in the stuff that making a "must play list" that isn't 25 pages long is turning out to be quite the challenge. We are so excited and honored that our friend DJ LinoType is going to rock our wedding out and we know he is going to do a bang up job. Plus he is an amazing person, and it is a pleasure to fill our wedding with those...

We had to narrow down our first dance options from about 12 down to 2 and we are still deciding between those last two. Do we go with the song we first said "I love you" to with the sentimental value, or another song we love that says the most about us as a married couple ? So confusing!

One thing I can tell you, Jonathon shattered my dreams by not letting me have Luther Vandross' "Here and Now" as our first dance, but you better believe you will be hearing it on W-Day! You know what, you can hear it right here and now too...


Find someone and have yourselves a slow dance, you know you want to.

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