Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Man Oh Man Oh MAN

I AM SO DANG EXCITED! We got all 575 of our engagement pictures and they are freaking ROCKSTAR. Amazing. Genius. Mind-blowing! AHHHHHHHHHHH IT IS SO GREAT!


Gimme some time and you will get more I promise. I am still basking in the glory of clicking through them all over and over...


I seriously can not wait to see the magic that will be captured by these glorious photographic geniuses on our wedding day! OH YES!


KatherineBee said...

How do you not already have 5 million comments? Here you go - HECK YES!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Cannot WAIT to see the rest!

Tiffany JQ said...

Wow, these are AWESOME! Being a non-bride, I always thought engagement shots were sort of an unnecessary part of the process, but I can see now why they're valuable. They're so stylish, and capture such a fun, energetic window of time in your relationship. Post more!!