Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding TV Show Pilot with Scott Noble

Since shopping at Camarillo Bridal where I bought my wedding gown I have become friendly with the manager Renee. She is awesome. I would never have found my wedding gown without her. Awesome woman I tell you. Anyhow, because I modeled in one of Cam Bridal's fashion shows at an event in Ventura County, Renee asked me to help her out with a TV Pilot being filmed at their store and I happily obliged. You know me, always ready for my close-up.

I didn't get much info about the show, but from what I gathered the pilot is about a wedding planner named Scott Noble who helps frazzled brides with advice. I was used for a short bit about hiring an affordable florist (which I am STILL trying to do...). It was fun to be a part of this project! Maybe you'll be seeing me on WEtv some day soon.

From left: Renee, lovely bride, the owner of Camarillo Bridal, and Scott.

Good luck Scott. Thanks for being so amazing Renee!

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Anonymous said...

I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog - thank you for touching my heart! You are such a radiant bride - I already can't wait to see your wedding pictures!
Lots of love,