Thursday, January 21, 2010

DIY Wholesale Florals

Something about how much of a sucker I am for beautiful flowers is making decisions regarding bouquets and centerpieces for this wedding pretty impossible.

Take for instance how much I love tulips. In fact, yesterday I received a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous yellow buds that this morning are wide awake and smiling at me. So simple but so insanely beautiful. Now tulips say spring like no ones business AND they come in coral, peach, and ivory. Why didn't I think of this before? Maybe because they are so delicate and I am afraid of them standing up against the heat... But just look how pretty!

So of course, because I got a new idea and it was a potential end to the NEVERENDING floral nightmare that is our wedding, I did some research. has some great deals on tulips and really they wouldn't require much maintenance, right? Just cut the suckers and stick em in the mason jars we already have and voila!

Er... maybe that's too simple. The wholesale-to-you flower website also offer these mixes of peach roses and orange lilies. I think these are so sweet but way too orange with that wacky vase. I could imagine these mixed with some succulents in a low box centerpiece though... also offer every kind of peachy-coral-ivory flower imaginable. For example: viburnum, garden roses, peony-tulips (yes, those do exist!), and of course coral rose petals! Is this making you want to DIY some centerpieces as much as it is me? I could imagine if it weren't my wedding and I weren't a stress-case that this would be so much fun, but as awesome as it sounds now, just paying someone else to do it sounds pretty awesome too. I guess I'm still in never ending flower decision land for now...

Oh peach colored flowers, how I do enjoy you. Is this garden rose bouquet gorgeous or what? To see more scrumptious peach inspiration and some very cute J.Crew Juliet bridesmaid's dresses, clicky.

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