Friday, January 15, 2010

First Wedding Gifts

"OMG omg omg omg what is that?! It says Crate and Barrel. Holy crap babe, get the scissors we got a huge PREZZZZY! How exciting is this?!?!?!"

"OH man it is really difficult to contain our excitement but smile pretty for the camera, we need to capture our very first wedding gift delivery for posterity. Can you even handle this right now?!"

"No we clearly can't handle this... Oh man oh man oh man it has a pretty white bow and it says Crate and Barrel all over it! Ach, enough pictures OPEN THE PREZZZY!"

"Oh wait theres a card, its from my Dad and Stepmom and lil bro and sis for Christmas... OK it's still from our registry and it's still the most exciting thing that has happened in forever and it still counts as our first official wedding gift... and that means we're really getting married! WOOO!"

"YES! Some awesome cutlery and a sweet adjustable bamboo cutlery tray so we won't be embarrassed by our busted Ikea crap anymore, Hallelujah! Getting married is awesome, why didn't we do this sooner?!?!?!"

Thank you amazing family!

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