Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy Honeymoon

Today, we have officially been engaged for 6 months! It is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. Woo woo!!! What better way to mark this occasion than to dream of all the places we will go as husband and wife. Starting with... the Holy Land.

People are talking, talking 'bout Israel. Those people would be J and I. Over the years we have frequently turned to one another and said "seriously, dude, let's go, like, soon" and then the other responds, "we will, one day... one day" with a far-off misty look in our eyes as we slowly shake our heads. But why not? Besides the obvious... Money? Sheesh, that's what a honeymoon budget is for! Let's make this happen.

A honeymoon should be like, a month long, right? Did you know half of Jon's family lives in Israel? Hmmm... My mind is churning.

DailyCandy just crafted a lovely and enticing post about Tel Aviv, Eilat, the Negev Desert, Safed and Jerusalem. Yea, I want to go to it.

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