Monday, August 24, 2009

Signing our Contract at the Ace

Palm Springs again! It's a good thing we enjoy the heck out of the desert because we have been going down there about once a month since we have started our wedding plans. I don't think I could handle planning a true destination wedding in some tropical paradise because I like to see everything first hand.

Jon's happy to not be working for 5 minutes!

Here we are in King's Highway at the Ace Hotel signing our reception contract. It's on baby!

The short bus... Originally there were plans to turn this lil guy into a walk-up bar but the Ace scrapped that idea and now it's just some funky eye candy near the Commune reception space.

El banos at the Commune... I take so many pictures so I can envision my decor, I swear.

Look at that! (I have no idea what he's pointing towards).

I am hoping to hang votives or poms or lanterns to jazz the space up. Seriously, lending the concrete reception space the touch of romance that I have in my mind is the only thing stressing me out about our wedding planning.

See those sand-colored tableclothes? They're canvas, fyi, and the curtains are dark denim. Just a couple-a four-eyes...

Ace-Space... The thing we love best about the Ace is that their whole concept is "community."

Pretty, no?

I love him.

While we were in Palm Springs we got to hang out with my Aunt Debby who just made a big move from Madrid, Spain to Santa Cruz, CA. Good choice! We took Grams to The Crab Pot in La Quinta... Oh yea, baby.

Before we left Jon and I went to TNT night at the Amigo Room at the Ace. Tacos and Tequila, um... yes, please. We also played the world's funniest game of Scrabble... the only board game J and I both suck at. Seriously, we'll beat you in anything else. Challenge.

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Colleen said...

The short bus? I'm hoping that means the small travel trailer?