Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Wedding Dress!

Wedding Gown Search is OVER! No you can't see the dress, you wait, be patient. Wish you had been with me? I know, you live so far away. Here's the bits you can see...

Here I am getting measured. For some reason, I appear to be terrified. Maybe it was all of the hands flying at me at once.

The seamstress in me can't help it, I'm eagle eyes all over Marissa.

Shout out to Janet and Marissa at Camarillo Bridal! They were awesome, even when my credit card was denied...

Visa is out! Ok, so the card wasn't denied because of a shortage of funds, just "red flagged" because of an excess in charges of late. It only took 30 minutes on the phone with the card company to convince them my wallet hadn't been stolen but that the sudden up-tic in charges was due to a new wedding-related-spending-pattern. At least I'm helping the economy :)

Papers signed.

Yours truly = dress owner. Guess what? I'm gettin married... Hugest. Smile. Ever.


Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Congratulations! :)

Rachel said...

cute outfit. god i love you :) im so proud that you found THE dress!