Friday, August 7, 2009

Beautiful Simple Wedding

The details of this wedding are just beautiful. There are a lot of lovely real wedding posts out there but most of them are just pretty to look at.

This one from Snippet&Ink was very inspiring for me because it has a lot of elements that we are trying to incorporate into our own big day. For example, the white poms in this pic... I bought those already! Thank you Martha Stewart...

Also, how gorgeous is this bouquet? I can't get enough of those all-one-amazing-flower bouquets, but I think I want to include several shades of pinks and oranges into my own.

Check out this dudes tan three-piece with a celedon-green tie! Yes, I do like it (maybe not those cuffs though, right?). And is that a belt I see? Sharp looking couple.

Sweet and simple lemonade vats and all-white cake! Love love love.

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