Thursday, June 25, 2009


We're baaaaaaaack! What an awesome trip, photos galore to be posted soon, I swear! But in the meantime...

Without further ado, the TOP 10 highlights of our trip:

1) Seeing my bestest friends Aimee --> and Lindzee:
2) Spending a full week of downtime with my honey
3) When Aimee walked down the aisle on her wedding day Adam was crying so hard his lip was shaking. I'm positive there wasn't a dry eye in the place!
4) Meeting Aimee's new Boston Terrier puppy Blue (oh man, so flippin cute)

5) Seeing Aimee and Adam's beautiful new home
6) Checkin out the hot bodies and crazy tattoos at Wet n Wild in 95 degree heat

7) Seeing Lindz & Erik's beautiful new home
8) Meeting L & E's best friend "Frank the Tank" at Ce Fiore frozen yogurt

9) Trying on wedding dresses with my maid of honor woo woo!
10) Shopping on Park Ave in Winter Park Village

Thank you to Aimee for getting married and providing an excuse for J and I to take some QT for ourselves. She was such a lovely bride, just you wait for the photos. Also, thanks to Lindz & Erik for being such amazing friends, for putting us up and showing us around Orlando (we loved it there! Who knew it had so much charm?) and for encouraging J and I both in ways to move forward with our careers.



Lindzee said...

I love those top 10! We were so glad you were here. Can we get together again soon?

MrsFord said...

YES! How does March 2010 sound? If you want to come sooner by all means, make it happen!