Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ace in the Hole

Hey ya'll! It feels like it's been forever, right? What have Mr. Ford and I been up to? Well... we have been busily crafting our hynies off for your mailbox/refrigerator pleasure. Save The Dates are officially in progress... expect them in the next 2 weeks. I LOVE THEM & hope you do too. Maybe I'll sneak peek you a pic on the blog soon.

Also, ummm... I found my wedding dress! Eeeeeeeeek. I haven't bought it yet, but I hereby declare the search over. I was hemming and hawing about 2 other dresses, one was a La Sposa and the other was Augusta Jones. I would post the pictures of them here but is it bad luck for the groom to see the bride in any wedding gown or just the wedding gown?!?!

Ok, ok... here is the Augusta one on their model. I still love it so immensely, so swooshy with little delicate flowers and crystals at the hem. I almost bought it. I still want to ;)

Ask my bridesmaids what I pain in the rump I was about these 2 dresses... don't even get me started. I just couldn't decide. There was something "wrong" with both of the two I had fallen in love with; too flowy, too lacey, too antiquey, whatever. Nothing was clicking. Then I went to Camarillo Bridal, told Renee what I wanted after honing in on exactly what I was looking for, and there it was. When I put it on I thought, ok, yes, I want this. It is part simple, part extravagant, part saucy, part sweet. The whole package!

Over the course of my search I went... let's count... on 12 bridal store visits:

- Lili Bridal in Tarzana (2x)
- Pebble's Bridal in Woodland Hills (2x)
- Glamour Closet off Melrose
- David's Bridal in Oxnard (holllllla)
- J.Crew @ the Grove in LA
- Brandi's Bridal in New Glarus, WI
- Modern Bridal in Orlando, FL
- Camarillo Bridal in Camarillo (3x) - the winner!

If you want some info on where to shop and where not to around LA, I'm your girl. Whew! What a lot of dresses. Now the only question remains, faithful readers, white or ivory?

After all of that, I need a margarita. We're heading to the Amigo room this weekend for some TNT. Also, to sign our contract, do a menu tasting and a cake tasting, YES!

Who doesn't love 105 degrees?!