Friday, August 14, 2009

J.Crew B.maid Frock Shopping at The Grove

Living in LA is the best. Thus far my maids have taken most strongly to the J.Crew bridesmaid's collection which is only available online... unless you live in LA (yea, take that). So, my photographer and I took a trip to the Grove to check out the top dresses for my all-over-the-country scattered ladies. We seem to be leaning towards the chiffon styles, so that's mostly what I tried on.

Please ignore my crazy faces. Please.

The Juliet. By far the crowd favorite. This was very flattering on and quite wearable. Obvs not going to be in black though. I loooooved the pin-tucked hem.

Twist-Tank Dress. This one is sweet and demure.

The Sophia. Shown here in cantaloupe which is quite flattering on my lack of tan. Seriously, stop making fun of my weird facial expressions.

I was so glad we went to see these in person because all of the chiffon dresses from J.Crew come in either tea rose or deep rose and figuring out what they really look like from my comp screen was not happening. Tea rose is on top here (basically, bright pink) and deep rose on the hanger behind (dusty rose or mauve would be more accurate descriptions).

Even though it was not chiffon, the Gracen was really interesting in silk taffeta so I tried the sucker on. Niiiiiice

After J.Crew we checked out the goods at Nordstrom where we stumbled upon this Laundry by Shelli Segal dress that I previously posted as a possible bmaids dress. In person, not so much.

The Grove is nifty. We had fun.


Bro-Hymn said...

Could you have looked any less excited in those pictures? Hahaha...

Rachel said...

I love the juliet. LOVE IT. I want it!!!

Anonymous said...

Like the Juliet, like the Sophia. Are both of them short hems? Think the deeper pink is more sophisticated than the lighter pink. The Laundry is yikes!