Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Hair Dos

I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but the celebrity with whom I most closely relate hair-wise is the lovely Chloe Sevigny of Kids and Big Love fame. If you have no idea what either of those titles refer to stop everything right now and go directly to the closest video store (Do people still go to the video store? Hello, netflix!).

I say I don't know if it's a good thing or not because a) her hair is long and mostly straight but sort of does whatever it wants b) it's always a bit unkempt c) this is the best attempt the lady gives me at an up-do:

Which is truly lovely for a quick jaunt to the Emmys, but not really up to my standards for wedding day.

Thus my dilemna... When searching for pictures of cute wedding hair-dos, I constantly come across curls. I think curls are sweet and romantic, but I never curl my hair. Ever. So, does having a romantic, sweet hair-do require curls? I just dont think I can justify looking completely different on the most important day of my life.

So I still search...

I found this very cute simple up-do on a real bride from 100layercake. I just feel like it is so stylized though. I LOVE the cute side pony-tail but I feel like in 10 years I would look back and think, wow I was so 2010.

When looking through more real brides' photos on OnceWed's Ideas page I saw these three very beautiful bridal dos. Im not too sure how a veil would work with the first one and I really love the second one but it is slightly curly. I think the third one is most close to how I usually wear my hair for an event...

I thought the hair at the Emmys this year was very fresh, and great wedding insiration! I especially like the idea of the pouffy up-dos as rocked by Amy Adams (top left), Jamie Lynn Sigler (top right), and without the scary bride-of-Frankenstein dye job by Drew Barrymore (bottom middle). Im afraid any up-do that I attempt will look like Mila Kunis (bottom left) which is pretty enough but just seems a bit lazy and flat for a wedding do.
In trying to find some more pouffy-styles (is there a better way to describe that? I feel like Im talking about souffle.) I came across the following from the Beauty page on and I must say I really like these both.
What do you think? That's a lot of hair talk, I know... I think there will be more soon. I need to figure this part out (get it?)!


Anonymous said...

I think a chignon style or french twist with tendrils would look nice with a strapless gown. Very classic hairstyles like Audrey Hepburn. I like the last photo the best--very elegant and with some tendrils wouldn't seem so severe. I don't like the Farrah Fawcett style in the 3rd photo of OnceWed, it looks like it was taken the same year as my sister's prom photo in the 70s (right down to the shiny complexion). The only thing missing was the Renaissance style floral head circlet with dangling ribbons!!
Da Stepmom

Aimee said...

i like #3, 4, and 5