Friday, September 11, 2009

Color Palette Generator

For someone with a degree in art history and a past career as an art teacher, colors and images are a huge part of my life. Literally. While my college friends were off learning organic chemistry or whatever, I spent four years of my life in dimmed rooms staring at projected pictures and discussing the use of color as a form of expression. Which would you rather do?

Thus, I think I have like "schizophrenia of colors" when trying to make a definitive decision about a color combo. I just want to look at it all, all at once. Remember when I wanted to have a rainbow color palette for our wedding... Yea, not good.

So, thank you once again to Martha Stewart (or Darcy Miller more accurately) who informed me of this amazingness... the color palette generator. Say whaaaaaaaa?

Tis so simple, click here, then insert a link to any pic of your choosing that you want color coordinated and voila! Rad! It is a bit of a vortex though, I'm horribly horribly addicted.

I sort of wish I had known about this when J and I were trying to pick a color palette for our wedding... then again, I think due to my "color crazy" it may have just confused me further.

Nonetheless, this is an awesome tool. It would be great to put to use when coordinating home interiors and the like. I'm sure there are tons of these types of websites out there, I just never knew. Enjoy!

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