Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Gown Showdown

Autumn is NOT the best time of year to find beautiful coral colored bridesmaid's dresses in the stores. But, thanks to our wonderful God that creates all things, we are all blessed with online shopping! Let's all say it together... AMEN!

Some of the winners for my online search for pretty coral frocks include these two diddies from They're both a bit laid back, but I think they could get snazzed up with the proper accessories, no? Look for one walking down a church aisle near you in March 2010.

Max & Cleo ruffley coral dotted dress.

Patra beaded chiffon gown.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the Patra chiffon (sigh, I love chiffon). These look to be on the pinker side of coral rather than the orange side of coral--is this true? Love the colors.
BTW: It's Michele, even though I'm a follower I still can't get my comments to post, argh!!