Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bridal Shoesplosion: Sandals or Flats?

The battle rages on! Should this bride wear sweet sandals under my gown or something a bit more supportive like flats? I am leaning towards sandals at the moment. I mean come on, it's Palm Springs. Although there seem to be more flats that I could wear again and again. For the record, if I were about 3 inches shorter, I would have the most amazing shoe collection you have ever seen. As it stands (as I stand?), I generally just drool over heels from afar.

These are some of the sandals and flats winning the heart and mind of this bride.

Tory Burch Miller Logo Sandals in tulip coral. Itried these on a few weeks ago and they are super cute but I think way too casual for my wedding ensemble. They are really bright and happy, and actually much more corally than they appear in this picture. The perfect honeymoon sandals.

Tory Burch Patent August Thong in poppy coral. I love these. I want them. A lot. Only, I haven't tried them on in person yet, so maybe I should make that happen first.
Tory Burch Distressed Leather Reva Flats in gold. These seem like the grown up version of little girl princess shoes. Who doesn't want to be the princess on her wedding day?

I looooooved these Stuart Weitzman Archery Sandals in pale gold when I tried them on. They are so pretty in person and actually incredibly comfortable and versatile. They are the forerunners for my wedding shoes at the moment. Although I really am in love with the TB August Thong above too.

Stuart Weitzman Low Key Flats in Hummus. I know these look a bit... orthopedic (or something, SW shoes look kind of grannyish in pics, what's that about?) but I tried them on and they are super cute in person. I just really don't like that the color is called hummus. Do I have issues or what?


Katiesperk said...

I justified purchasing a new pair of Jack Rogers because you couldn't see them in my dress, they didn't sink into the ground (of my outdoor reception) and I could wear them again!
Good luck!

MrsFord said...

I think Im going to try to justify some overpriced shoes myself. That's why I can't decide though. I wear sandals more often but I SHOULD wear flats and be more of a grown up. Good to know Im not the only bad girl out there!

Rachel said...

tory burch, wtf?!?!