Monday, September 21, 2009

Mawage, Sweet Mawage

I think the idea of having a commemorative arty marriage license is romantic. Also, I am extremely corny. But the search for a good one led me to the realization that I don't really know what is required in order to wed this man of mine. So I did some investigatory web-searching.

So, apparently Jon and I made a smart fiscal decision to get married in Palm Springs because Riverside County is one of the cheaper counties in which to wed in our great state California! Upon reading about the requirements for marriage I learned some yeses and some nos for Riverside County marriages:

Common Law Marriages: No.
Cousin Marriages: Yes.
Same Sex Marriages: No.

Ok. I have a strict no political commentary on my joyful wedding blog, but I'm just putting that out there. Moving on....

When searching for beautiful, frameable certificates of marriage, I was pleasantly surpised by the array I found. Some are much wordier than others. Some are "quaker-style" where all of the quests present at the marriage sign the certificate and some are Jewish ketubahs. Isn't it fun learning? I like these ones most of all I found:

A simple but elegant religousy Christian version:

For this bright red artsy version check out
There was quit the collection of handmade marriage cerificates on with some being much better than the rest. I particularly liked this one:

The certificates from are a bit more stylized for an antique or retro look but they are really sweet.

Finally, I found these BEAUTIFUL ketubah marriage certificates from artist Shell Rummel and they blow everything else out of the water. There are so many more on her website:

This one is my complete favorite called "I carry your heart" after the ee cummings poem with one of the most beautiful bible verses on the bottom of the tree as well. Dude, me want.

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