Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 Month Stress

Oh my goodness! I have been so so so busy. Between the lay-offs at my job and the increase in students this semester work has been super duper busy at work. And in my personal life... it's full-on FOOTBALL season baby! Woot.

Besides all of the above, the wedding heat is DEFINITELY on! I am feeling the 6 month burn in a BIG big way. You should see the mess that is my "list of doom," I can only imagine what the one month to go list and the one week to go list will look like... eeeeek.

A smattering from the "immediate things to do" list:

- Pick engagement photo outfits
- Finalize our dinner menu
- Book our DJ
- Buy my veil
- Get my maids dressed
- Find J's suit
- Plan our HONEYMOON!
- Find a florist that will work for $5
- Find green/pink beaded charger plates

(I like these ones, but theyre $10 each!):

Stick around for pics from our trip to REGISTER at C&B!


Anonymous said...

A $5 florist??!! Ha! Ha! Better find a nice garden to "borrow" from...

MrsFord said...

I think we may have to go with "desert dirt and shrubs" if we borrow anything