Monday, September 28, 2009

Coral Crystal Collection

Sigh, how I enjoy you dear Nordstrom. Whilst shopping today I came across the very coral-centric Crystal Collection at Nordstrom, also available online (Do I sounds like an ad? Sorry, I'm excited). The Ava Gold (shown below) embodies the right twist of upscale tropically resortwear with orange and pink crystals that perfectly match our wedding colors.

Couldn't you just envision a lovely maid swathed in coral chiffon blowing in the desert breeze with a flower in her hair, draped in orange and pink crystals?! OK I'm getting simultaneously really dang excited for our wedding and completely carried away...

Ahem, back to jewelry, the collection is quit varied, with something that would suit every style from simple to more extravagant. Aren't these great? I almost bought the bracelet for myself today but I figured I should wait until my ensemble comes together a bit more.
In person, they look even more rich in color, and they would make fantastic bridesmaids gifts. Get pumped ladies!

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