Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crate And Barrel Registry

The highlight of this past week was for sure Jon and my trip to Crate&Barrel where we attended a Wedding Party!!! It was... AWESOME. If you are getting married, I highly recommend going.

We were pretty excited, not only because we both love shopping, but because it felt like we were that engaged couple in the movies zapping things and planning our wedding! So we got there seriously early and had some time to kill before the event started. Jonathon makes excellent faces when he's bored :)

Finally we were allowed in! Crate&Barrel goodies here we come!
I told you we were excited...

During the Wedding Party they closed the whole store and gave us sangria and yummy food and a zapper. We had such an awesome time. It felt like we were really gearing up to get married and to create our future home together.

Below, some of the highlights from the Crate&Barrel registry we created.
The Paprika quilt:

The Ophelia table runner... I am really excited about this one:

Cuisinart SmartPower Blender... I am sensing the perfect margaritas are in our near future.

The Charleston Bowl. I know this is really simple but there is something about it that really appeals to me. Can't you just picture floating candles or flowers in there for a centerpiece?

Maple ceiling pot rack. Thankfully Jonathon already owns some really nice pots and pans so we don't need to register for those, but we sure do need a tidier system to store them than we are currently employing (taking up two cabinets and we can never find the proper lid).

How bad ass does this tea kettle look? Yes, a tea kettle can too look bad ass, check it out!

The Artesia Charger. I think these will look nice no matter what dining room set we end up with and I think they could be dressed up or down.

We have also registered at Tiffany & Co. (as previously mentioned and much commentated-upon) and will also be registering at Target... mostly for a really amazing vaccum :)


Katiesperk said...

In love with the Paprika quilt and we totally rock the Artesia chargers! Looks like a fun day!

MrsFord said...

Yes! I hope we get those chargers, they look so darn versatile... they make me want to throw dinner parties :)

Rachel said...

bhahahaahahahah fun!