Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Signed Sealed Delivered

YES! You have officially been told. This wedding is on, baby!

Now save the date, please.

I hope you like our homemade DIY Save the Dates. They were very DIY and after a certain point I got a little... fast-paced... with my crafting. Sorry if you got an especially home-made one, it just means yours was made while I was rocking out to Sam Sparro.

How did we do all that magic in your mailbox? We ordered magnetic sheets, paper and envelopes from and from Both of those companies rock, btw.

Then, with ninja magic I PhotoShopped our pics and our paper backers. Thank you mom for supplying the printer, because the ink must have been a tad costly. Finally, we adhered the magnets to the backers with photo corners via spit. I can still taste them... not so delicious.

Our fridge mid-project (go badgers!):

All of the final pieces awaiting their trip to the post office.

It feels so good knowing that the first official wedding jazz has been entrusted to you, our favorite people.

It was amazing writing all of your names on those envelopes and realizing that people from all of the different parts of our lives will be in the same place at the same time.

I seriously can. not. wait. YES!


KatherineBee said...

I love mine!! You gave my fridge such style!

MrsFord said...

Yay! xoxoxo