Monday, September 7, 2009

Stolen Details

My brain buzzes. Like... all the time. It is like "FEED ME" and so I look around the interwebs and there are just so many beautiful weddingy details to oogle. SO MANY. Like, in every style imaginable, one more beautiful than the next. I think I could plan a wedding a month in a different style and still... there would be more to plan because there is always more to be inspired by.

But you see, Jon and I have a very certain aesthetic that we are mostly sticking to. So the interwebs is my friend, because there are just so many ideas to steal, and yet it is my foe because there are so many amazing ideas.

Thus, this smattering of images. Most of which, I plan to steal in some form or another.

Pretty much one of the most gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets of big pink peonies that I have ever seen from A. Hana Design. Don't you just want to eat them, they are so scrumptious!!!
Yes, yes those are a bit like our wedding colors...

Two sets of lovely green paper joy.
This first one is beyond adorable, they called it a "relationship timeline" but that seems a bit clunky to me. We were planning to do something along these lines in our ceremony programs (like a "did you know" section), but this is too perfect with the little logos... i heart this.

These response cards crack me up. Their whole paper suite was like an rrrrrr me matey salty-water theme done with class.

This whole wedding was stunning, you should check it out, but in particular, isn't this wall of photos behind them so sweet? I likey.
Such a beautiful little table of love with a DIY wishes banner.

I thought this seating chart was really cool because it was a) made on Adobe Illustrator and b) for long banquet tables like we will be using and I haven't seen too many of those.
I have no idea where I found this photo but it is ridiculously wonderful. I loooooove these bride and groom embroidered chair markers. Anyone know how to embroider?

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