Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gift Registry Sneak Peek

A big preemptive sorry to Ms. Post and all you etiquette experts out there that think it is beyond tacky for us to discuss our wedding registry.

I know it's supposed to be discreet and all, but I just thought I would explain this up front. For all of you who will scoff at our champagne taste, the one and only reason we are going to register at Tiffany & Co. is for the following:

Now you get it, right? I mean... it is just glorious.

I know we are supposed to register for regular boring year-round china but I know myself and the only time I will use the china will be at Christmas, at which time (and by at which time I mean all of November through January) Jonathon and I will use this china off of which to eat each and every meal. Seriously.
So the table to look complete when you come to our holiday feast...
The best part about this china collection is that there are like 20 other amazing pieces that I am not showing you. That means Jonathon and I can build on this collection for years to come until our table runneth over with Christmas amazingness.
Does it mean I have mental issues if I audibly squeal over a gravy boat?
Oh no, part if the collection is the world's most adorable Christmas tree ornament. We really thought hard about having a Christmas wedding. There is seriously nothing better than Christmas. Ok, family and friends and love (and combining all three of those amazing bits into a wedding and marriage) are all better... but it's a pretty slim margin.
I mean, since we are already going to be registering there... These are just a few of the other items we are drooling over, which you will undoubtedly see on our registry list.

This is Irish parian bone china tray in a beautiful weave pattern and I think it is perfect.
The adorable porcelain summer vase... I mean, J and I would just decorate our home with Christmas decor all year long but I think visitors would be confused.

How great is this porcelain key tray? Never lose those car keys again ladies and gents...
For some reason this crystal Lily of the Valley vase reminds me of my Grandparent's old house in Bloomington, Illinois.
Jonathon loves a good old fashioned, so this set of hand-cut plaid patterned crystal glasses and decanter will undoubtedly make an appearance on our registry. Care for a drink?

Oh man, we are pretty excited to create our wedding registries!
For all of you who think we are crazy and would like for us to please come back down to earth... We are also registering at Crate and Barrel. Not only are we planning to register there, we are planning to attend a Crate and Barrel Wedding Party!!! Isn't that awesome? They let you into the store after it closes and you get to zap everything you desire while sipping drinks and munching yummies.
Why didn't we get married sooner? :)


Victoria said...

You two have exquisite taste. The reason that little crystal vase reminds you of grams and grampa's house is that they had sweet smelling lilies of the valley growing in the backyard beneath a forsythia bush!!!! What a memory...what were you 6?

Katiesperk said...

What lovely items you have picked out! I love the Christmas China. That a girl on picking what you like for what you need! Isn't that the point of registering?

MrsFord said...

Thanks ya'll! I was hoping that everyone would take my desire for crazy expensive Christmas china as a "need" since that's how I see it too :)

Wow, that is crazy about remembering the lily of the valley! It's like, primal or something.

Victoria said...

you a funny girl