Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silly Target

Remember back in May 2010 when J and I moved to Florida and thought, "hmmm what should we do with our living room? We're kind of feeling brown, creme and vanilla... lets go with that and make it real romantickey with flowers and distressed everything and french looking things."

Quit trying to be me Target. Seriously. This is their most recent home add from my Lucky mag and I know its tiny but I took a picture with my camera phone because my mind was blown. Enter into any Target and you will see their lavender, brown and creme french-themed home collection. You can't make this stuff up folks.

Yes, this is an adorable picture of my dog but behind the cuteness you can also get the jist of what I'm talking about with without me throwing up a detailed picture of the insides of my house. That kind of creeps me. Sorry stalkers, jou don't even know me!

Anyways, apparently Target reads my blog. Or something. If I knew how to make money at telling people what is going to be "in" just around the river bend I would be swimming in dollar bills right now. I guess I'm just gifted ;)


Krystal said...

target rocks. and so does your pup :)

Rachel said...

I didn't even see this before I posted mine!!! AHHH TEENY MIESTER!

Victoria said...

You are gifted!!! And just saying , the same time that you started decorating, the decor at the Westin Paris that I stayed at spring 2010, was copying your color scheme

MrsFord said...