Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fashion Freakout

Its' Fall folks... and that means one thing: fall fashion. There are a lot of rando fall trends going on out there right now including Native American, color blocking, tartan, 60's re-imagined, equestrian and then some. One other trend that I am definitely feeling? The grand old poncho.

And would you believe it? I found you a poncho for each of those trends so you can be cozy and stylish no matter the personality of your day. Mostly I am loving these because they embody my signature look: grandma chic.

See by Chloe coat

All Ponchos from Polyvore

Don't you want every one of these? And some new boots??? Yep, me too. What say ye!?


Victoria said...

Sorry, but this time I've got to say....... EEWWWWWW!!!!
They look like old scratchy blankets that smell funny.

Shells said...

Sorry, but I'm with Victoria on this one. Grandma chic? Heck, even I'm too young to do that yet!!
Yes to new boots, please.

MrsFord said...

Haha, youll both be wearing ponchos by January. Prediction is in!