Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ray and May

This is my lil sis Rayshawn.

We like to hang out. But we live so far away.

She's all thumbs.

This is just my favs all in one place, NBD.

When I see these pics my mind tells me: SO MUCH AWESOMENESS

No one ever said we were twins.

I love these little babies.

Waaaaaaaa no jackie make rachi cry so long time.

What's that? A precious babe?!

We are... completely normal.

And I love her!

Don't be jealous.


Victoria said...

How great to wake up to those photos!!
I especially like grant's expression and Rachi's blue hat!!!!!
You are all so precious. I love you.
go knights.

Rachel said...

OMG you're the worlds SWEETEST! I LOVE YOU SISSY! Thanks for the tribute!!!

Victoria said...

Rayshawn and Tahisha
Just two girls from the hood.

MrsFord said...

You guys are a couple of sillies.