Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Warriors

I don't know about you but I had a pretty sporty weekend. And I'm sorry for the quality/darkness of the photos. SOMEONE needs a new camera. That'd be me if you didn't catch on to that.

My weekend was book-ended with two beautiful Florida sunsets. Our weather has been yo-yoing between gorgeous and down right hot again. I prefer the gorgeous weather, personally. At least on the hot days you know they will end with sights like this.

They say people who carry a mug with their company logo on it around the office are more likely to earn a promotion faster than their non-mugged colleagues. This new sporty polo is my version of the office mug. As I was shelling out way too much money for a Nike dri-fit logo-ed polo that I will likely not wear all that often I was telling myself "this is like an investment in your upcoming promotion... or at least a raise, actually maybe just the raise." Hey, it could happen!

Apparently people on campus yoga it up between buildings outside ... and next to trash dumpsters. I thought this was kind of hilarious. What could be less relaxing than trying to asana with college kids leering at you and the lovely smell of trash wafting by?

Speaking of working out... This picture was taken about 45 minutes post-run #1 of the weekend and you can see my face is still the same color as the red-orange walls and flowers on my shirt EVEN after showering. I take my red faces very seriously. I was so focused while I was running that I didnt notice the gym was closing until one of the workers came over mid-run and was like, yea we closed 15 minutes ago get off the treadmill. Hence the lack of cooling down and stretching. That kind of sucked.

I get why people are so outdoorsy here in the Fall and Spring; get it while the gettings good baby. Teeny and I opted for more relaxed outdoorsy walks for workouts #2 & 3 and again got to enjoy the beautiful weather and sights of Central Florida.

Teeny after one of our power walks. How did I get the cutest dog on the planet? Gosh he is adorable. And he is seriously the best workout buddy. When I am like, ok we could be done he is like no way lady lets do this. :) With his help I did 7 miles last week and I'm pretty pleased about that.

Last but not least for the sportiest weekend ever... I watched this E:60 on Nnamdi Asomugha and must admit, there were tears involved. If you haven't watched E:60 before, prepare yourself. Its typically about athletes dying or hitting rock bottom and their redemption or something else similar you don't want to watch but can't look away. This one was about a very talented athlete using his life to better the world around him and it really pumped me up. It pretty much contains everything I find inspiring: sports, education, giving back, being awesome. Enjoy!


katherinebee said...

Aww I love smiling little Teenry face!

MrsFord said...

He is the cutest ;)